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Stefan’s symbol signs

AIGA has a great list of symbol signs that are free for every one but I don’t think most people take advantage of it. While a lifesaver for anyone making a map they are useful in other situations as well.

Working on a site that has to do with recycling I thought there was no better place to look for a quick dingbat then the symbol signs that AIGA provides. Much to my surprise they did not have the recycle sign. In fact while the list is a great resource there seems to be a lot of useful symbols not available such as the biohazard, the nuclear, and handicapped symbols.

In an effort to help other designers not have to spend time designing little dingbat here is my list of useful dingbats:

Recycle Symbol eps
Biohazard Symbol eps


Just a heads-up that when attempting to download the Recycle Symbol (you generously made available on your site, i go the following message: “Error 404 – something went wrong.”

But thanks for reminding me of the AIGA library!!


Jamie Leo


Stefan, thanks, but I get the same problem “Error 404 – something went wrong”, or if I just do a ‘Save Link As…’ the resulting downloaded EPS file looks like the html of the page I’m currently on. Any chance of fixing this?



Oops… everything is working correctly now!

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