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Google Analytics will not crush Mint or Measure Map

Well Google Analytics is out and now every other stat counter is doomed. Right? Who can stand up to google? I refuse to believe any of this is true and that Google’s entrance in to stats will make little impact with Mint or Measure Map.

Who has made the claim that google will crush all and have actually used Analytics? Wow it’s complicated. There are so many menus and half the time I have no idea what the graph is even representing. A large portion of the interface is also devoted to adwords campaigns and detailed study of how people move though your website. More then 50% of Analytics is devoted to stat tracking that 90% of the people using it for free will have little use for.

Is google making a mistake? No of course not. Google is just not trying to get me to use their software. What they are really looking for is a way for people to get more out of adwords and spend more money with google. This will be good for corporate or high volume websites that advertise through adwords but few others. Google is going after the fortune 500 companies who will dump tons of money in to adwords. That is who their site is optimised for.

Now lets look at Mint and Measure Map. Who are they optimised for? While I have not used Mint there are some very glaring things that show it might not be for everyone. For one it only works in Firefox and Safari. Second it’s biggest focus is on referrers and how people came to your site and less on what they did when they actually got there. That alone shows that this is not a stat tracker for every one and Sean Inman has always been forward about that. He’s not trying to compete with Google. His market is the small web site owner who wants to know hoe people are coming to his site. Google offers the same functionality but it’s berried in adwords specific jargon and other tracking that most sites have no need for.

Measure Map is so easy to understand

Measure Map is even another step down. It’s stats in it’s most simplistic form. It gives you exactly what you want to know and no more. Even my grandmother would understand the stats that Measure Map is putting out. Another things no one is pointing out is that Measure Map is blog specific. If you don’t have a blog you can’t even use Measure Map. This is not a site wide solution and there is no reason to be. I’ve only used it for a couple of days and I’m amazed how such a clean and simple interface can display so much information. Websites like this help remind me that graphic artists like Sean Inman, Jeffrey Veen, and myself need to be more involved in web startups.

I actually plan of dropping Analytics in the near future. It’s not giving me anything I can’t get anywhere else. Measure Map has shown me data in a way I have not seen before and has helped me see my blog in a new light. Google’s Analytics will be bigger then Mint or Measure Map but they will not own the market. Mint and Measure Map provide uniquely distinct stats in a way google can’t and in that light they have already won.

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I could see where you’re coming from with a Blog aspect in mind. I personally don’t even use Google Analytics for my blog, but rather from a corporate web network stand-point. With that aspect in mind, Google Anayltics is perfect for me because it gives me every bit of data I need. I was using Shortstat a while back, but it wasn’t cutting it anymore. Analytics was exactly what I was looking for and I’m glad it arrived here on-time. Mint nor MeasureMap were what I was looking for because I needed much more detailed information than either of them were able to provide. Well, rather, Mint was possibly able to provide it, but I didn’t want to shell out $30 just to run stats when it could be offered free by using shorstat+AWstats, which I use neither now; simply Analytics.

Each stats application has its use and it’s users, MeasureMap is just geared more towards Bloggers, which is acceptable and good for them.


I’ve been using Mint for about a week now, and I really like it. Analytics has far too much stuff to dig through, and ShortStat was giving me a lot of false hits from spam bots and search engine spiders.

I haven’t tried Measure Map yet, but I’d love to.


Yeah. I’ve been using ShortStats and I really should get Mint. I’ll break down and get it eventually. Currently I’m running about 5 stat programs and I really need to cut some of the fat first.

I just hate how all my stat info is locked in to who ever I use. Where is the open APIs for stats?


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