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Young Adult Book Release Dates

Check out YALit which is a site for young adult book release dates that I’ve been working on with Keri for a few weeks now. This obviously serves what I like to call a “super niche market” which is sad because I will not become world famous for building it and yet wonderful because this is a resource that is greatly needed by the young adult literature community.

How needed? After being listed in google for about a week we are already seeing tons of people organically finding the site. Not to mention that we’ve already been pick up as a resource on the YALibrarian blog.

While having a simple one stop shop to find out what is coming out when is great I hope to also build a small community to help support the site. Book release dates are not distributed in any logical fashion and it will take a wider then we currently have to catch every single book release date.

I’d love to hear any questions or suggestions you might have.


How about an about page? That came up in some comments on a blog post of mine pointing out the site.


Hi Stefan. First of all, awesome Blog. Love the design. You have talent =)

Secondly, we moved the Upcoming Teen Fiction Titles page. In fact, I’ll try to update you if we move it again. The site is going under constant reorganization, as we are still in “beta” mode (arguably pre-beta).

The blog, however, contains perma links. So if you want to link to us there, feel free to!


Hello, I have some suggestions for the Teen Lit Website. I suggest that you contact teen lit publishers about their interest in updating the web site. Perhaps they can have their own login profile?

Also, what about an independent publisher focus? It’s quite a bit easier for librarians to find out what’s coming out from the big publishers. The independent publishers are often left out of teen librarian book review sources.

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