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I hate Akismet

Akismet is really starting to piss me off. It’s a great spam filter for wordpress and has really stopped all spam.It has also stopped all commenting. This is a tiny tiny blog in the midst of a vast blogosphere and get few to no comments at all. Every comment I get is like a small flower that I want to tend and encourage to grow.

Akismet insists on placing comments in the moderation queue and then never telling me. It sends me no email and I don’t check often enough to see new comments. In general I would like actual comments to float right through to the page.

Akismet might be great at stopping spam but what’s the point if it just stops everything else as well? It would be one thing if I could turn on email notification, or change the level of security but there are no options to mess around with.

Previously I was using spam karma. I don’t know if that’s been upgraded to wordpress 2.0 but I’m missing it a lot these days.

Matthew Mullenweg could comment about all the great think Akismet could do and all the improvements he will make but who knows if I’d ever even notice the post to approve it.

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Let’s see if this comment gets through :)

I haven’t had any problems with Akismet putting many comments in the moderation queue. I have noticed that WordPress 2.0 in general tends to hold comments in moderation if they’re coming from someone who hasn’t commented on my site before. Are most of the comments you’re missing from new or returning commenters?


I tend not to have many commenters at all. So 99% end up being first time commenters.

I can see that as a reasonable approach to managing spam. All I’m really asking for is an email from my blog telling me I have comments to approve.

Thanks Tangognat!


Well, that makes me wonder if I’ve lost any real comments by using Akismet. I’ve had it installed for a few months now, and I’m loving that it gets almost all spam. I’ve checked it’s holding area every once in a while, and it’s always been 100% spam. But I haven’t checked it in a long time (until just now).


Just to keep me on my toes your comment, Trey, sent me and email to approve the comment. I did a quick Gmail search and this is the first email I have ever gotten to approve a comment.

So I have no idea what is going on. I could not have changed a setting because there are no settings. This service needs to be more transparent to the users.


It sounds like you may have a general WordPress configuration error. I say this only because Akismet has no effect on whether things go into the moderation queue or not, or anything to do with emais. It only puts things in the spam folder (Manage > Spam) or lets them through.

After something gets through Akismet, WP takes over.

Check your settings under Options > Discussion. Relevant ones may include requiring first time commentors to be approved, what types of actions to send emails on, etc. I’m also assuming that there’s nothing wrong with sending emails on your hosting account.

Drop me an email and let me know if this helps you out. You can also always submit support requests on the Akismet contact form.


Thanks Matt!

In fact that option was checked. Hopefully that will let things run a bit smoother.

Though this still does not explain the random emails. I would like an email for any comment in moderation. I don’t see an option either way for that.

While wordpress 2.0 is amazing this just goes to show the menu system needs to be a bit more stream lined.

I’ve enjoyed every ones help greatly.

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