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Designers at SXSW?

AmberThis week at Inside the Net Amber MacArthur and Leo Laporte talked about SXSW. Amber actually made it down though I didn’t bump in to her at SXSW. What surprised me is that Amber was really surprised at how many designers were there.

Maybe it’s just me but SXSW has always been design first and technology second. Even when the panels are about standards the focus is design. Why Amer thinks this is just a Tech Web 2.0 conference baffles me.

Does any one agree with me? Designers own SXSW and though it’s fun to talk about business and technology the focus will always come back to design even if I have to get on stage and drag it there myself.

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I thought that was weird too. It made me think that maybe what I had found as the focus of SXSW was just what I was interested in.

I think you’re right though. Even thought the panels can be about technical subjects, they quite often focus on design or at least front-end technology.

However, I did run into Amber. It was before I heard the podcast.


that’s awesome. You should go set her strait now that you and Amber are all BFF.

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