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Browser Font Sizes

Did you know that Firefox, Opera and possibly Safari have a minimum font size? I didn’t.

It’s easy to think of why you would want one. If I’m making a browser I don’t want my users to come across a website with tiny font they can not read.

As a designer if I want a tiny font for whatever reason I should be able to choice one. IE give you the ability to choose any font size.

FireFox has it’s default size at 10px and it can be found in Tools > Options… in the Content tab under the Font’s & Colors’ advanced tab.

No matter what you do in the CSS the font will not get smaller then 10px. If you don’t know there is a minimum in place you can really get caught off guard as you become baffled that the CSS isn’t doing what you want.

I really didn’t think 9px font size was really that unreasonable.


I’ve come across this before, but I thought it was something I had changed on my copy of FF. Are you sure it’s default? That really sucks. I’ve had some designs where things just don’t look right if some of the text isn’t smaller than 10px. Bummer.


No feed for a particular post’s comments anymore, huh? :)


No feed for comments? I don’t know… what ever wordpress’ default is. I’d fix it but I’m so tired of this old design that I’m working on a kick as new one with clean code and new features.

I never knew it was there so it was definitely default on mine. I read some other people say the default was 9. I don’t know if it’s different on different version of FireFox or what. Unless there is some weird key combo that I could have accidentally pressed I would not have changed the size to 10.

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