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My Kingdom for Some RSS Feed Stats

Well it took a while for me to really sit down and notice (Okay..Trey pointed it out) but I’m really pissed at Feedburner and wordpress. There just does not seem to be a good way to keep control of you’re readers and still offer all the wordpress feeds.

My ideal set up is that every one subscribes to the default wordpress rss feed and then I redirect them with some server magic. Then if feedburner sucks or something better come along I can just redirect them else where. In addition I still want the comment feeds to work as well.

WordPress had support for feeds for each comment thread but since the same file serves both the comment feed and the main feed you can’t just send all the traffic to feedburner since they only server the main feed.

There seems no good way to track stats on the feed and keep the full functionality working.

Some one really needs to come up with a stat program for feeds. Either some code I can install or anything that will give me stats as well as the full functionality of wordpress rss.

Update: Matt Shobe from Feedburner kicked my ass in the comments below and showed me exactly what I wanted. It’s really hard to no like a company when they fix all your problems. Thanks Matt!



It’s true that the “basic” integration of FeedBurner and a WordPress installation usually only involves redirection of the main content feed; item comments feeds aren’t as easily redirected because you would have to have a new, unique FeedBurner feed set up for each new post to handle and track that traffic, which would quickly become tedious.

I’m curious if you tried the WordPress/FeedBurner plugin from Ordered List to handle redirection of that main feed to FeedBurner; it’s a popular solution thousands of WordPress users have put into place.

Finally, a word about “readership control.” FeedBurner recognizes you completely own your content and your readership. Our MyBrand service allows you to serve FeedBurner feeds using your own domain name; on the flip side, we also make it easy for you to leave our service at any time you decide you’re not satisfied, even offering 30 day redirection to ease that transition.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or if I didn’t cover your concerns (beyond the limitation around comments feeds, of course). Thanks for voicing your thoughts!


I often forget how incredibly amazing and proactive you high tech web services are at answering questions.

Thanks for kicking my ass. The Ordered List Feedburner plug in seems to be what I wanted. Comment feeds work and the main feed redirects to feedburner. I was looking at the redirect rules in the .htaccess file and it look a lot better then what I was doing. Thanks so much Matt!


I’m glad we (and WP plug-in guru Steve Smith at Ordered List) could help you out!

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