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jQuery and Its Amazing CSS 3 Support

John Resig stopped by Refresh Boston and gave a jQuery demo. It turns out its amazing but it has a flaw.

While it’s super short and easy to use it also has full CSS 3 support which means any CSS selector on this list can be used.

CSS 3 selectors? No browser even does that! I know I’m not supposed to use Javascript to style html elements but the draw of CSS 3 selectors is almost too strong to resist.

I only hope I’m strong enough to resist.


Haha – you’re too weak to resist! While using it as a design crutch would definitely be bad, ironing out sticky situations sure is useful. The day that we can just do:

tr:nth-child(odd) { /* Striped Table Rows! */ }

Will be a great one, that’s for sure. In the meantime, this sure is nice:



My stats say 98% Javascript… I say Javascript is the new CSS! Damn you John! As if I already didn’t break enough coding rules.

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