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Hello. I’m Stefan and you’ve been reading my website. According to my stats I almost have 50 readers and beyond one or two of them I have no idea who you are?

I love knowing who stops by. Trey Piepmeier, TangognaT, and Keri Adams are probably all I know who stop by.

If you check this site even only once in a while you should comment below. Let me know who you are and what you like and I’ll be sure to help you find some some awesome stuff online.


My name is Keri. I like libraries, and books, and cool internet things. I like the Mets, and indie rock, and people who want to be my friend who live near Boston.

I hope you find some awesome stuff online that I’d like to read. I can recommend some books for you to read, but you have a backlog and I don’t really like fantasy books anyway, and you hate Eragon, so I’m just going to have to settle for google-talking you some cool links as well.

Here’s hoping I haven’t scared off your other readers.



Good to see you at the Lizard Lounge last Saturday.

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