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Upcoming looks ugly

What were they thinking when they redesigned that header? I feel cramped just looking at it. I guess the logo doesn’t matter much now that they are part of yahoo. They’ve really almost shoved the logo off the page and then also covered it with the main navigation.

I just hit the top of the i in the logo and keep trying to scroll up to get some breathing room. After their last redesign which was really nice it’s sad to see everything go down hill.

Update: The Founder of is calling me out below to come up with something better. This is also the part where I make nice and say while I don’t like the new design I’m still a big Andy Baio fan.

This is my blend of old and new. The header is even shorter then it is in the new design. It has more room for the logo and has a nice smooth gradient from the wonderful last design.


Ouch! I designed both versions of the header, so I’m sorry you’re not a fan. (There were people that hated the last redesigned header, too.) I was deliberately trying to tighten up the vertical size of the navigation to make room for what really matters: the content on the page.

Like I said on our news blog, we’re very open to constructive criticism. Feel free to mock up an improved new version of the header and send it to me! We make design changes based on feedback all the time.


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