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Sexist Mary Jane Statue Receives Poor Defense

Tom Hodges tried to defend this Mary Jane statue saying “ANYONE who complains about this piece obvious does NOT read Superhero comics”. If he’s referring to the fact that all super hero comics portray a sexist view of women he’s absolutely correct but that hardly sounds like a solid defense.

While this piece should not draw any more ire then the rest of the superhero world that should not make it immune from criticism. Every problem has to approached from some angle and if this model brings more attention to the problems in comics then all the better.

No matter how hard you try an “every one else is doing it” defense is not going to garner a lot of support.


“All superhero comics portray a sexist view of women”? Isn’t that too much of an absolute?


Isn’t that a lot like saying back in the slavery days if somebody complained about black ppl being enslaved on a particular plantation that “ANYONE who complains about this obviously has NOT been in America long?”

Therefore it’s okay! :D


All superhero comics are sexist? Really? “Invincible”? “Dynamo 5”? “ps238”? “Top 10”? “Ex Machina”? “Astro City”?

Not that I disagree with the MJ statue being both terrible and sexist…


yes yes.. ALL is (almost always) too absolute. And LurkerWithout just named some awesome comics. But if you doubt that I would have any trouble naming the sexist comics your joking your self.

The sexist comics seem to no only be a majority of the title but but much bigger by volume as for the most part the big hitters like X-Men, Spiderman, and Batman.

Is everything they do bad? By no means but but it would be hard to argue they fight the stereo types.


I say “Who the F*** cares!”

I’m worried about anyone who doesn’t appreciate a juggy, seductive piece of ass…I, I mean art! Sorry for the Freaudian slip

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