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Amazing article about the current state of the suburbs and the zeitgeist that got them there. I mostly think Hackensack is safe from these effect as we have tons of public transportation to NY as well as a smallĀ  down town area that I hear has been trying to redevelop.


I think this is interesting – and worrisome – to look at from the perspective of what you see in, say, Paris. The city is where the elites live, and working-class people live in the suburbs (but commute into the city to work). NYC already has this going on, certainly. See also:


I was reading somewhere about how we’re reverting to the way it was back in medieval times. With the rich in the cities and the poor in the country side.

I’m actually much more interested in what’s going on in Lagos where a booming cities seems to be growing from nothing. I hear 80% of the local economy is below the table and that the majority of the population lives in make shift housing.

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