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MT and WP Should Play Nice

It’s hard not to agree with Matt on every point of difference between WordPress and Moveable type. It was true in early 2005 when I started blogging and it’s still true today.

I’m a fan of Anil but the artical touting MT just seemed quaint. The “features” seemed to amount to more minor criticisms of WordPress then game changing technology.

I don’t feel any anger towards Movable Type though. Nothing they said was untrue in any way. And they are simply doing the bast they can with the product they have. I wonder if they are in the same spot as microsoft. Needing to suport old MT installs and migrating them to a more dynamic solution could be close to impossible.

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Matt’s nitpicking with validation bothered me. Especially considering that so many of the themes over at do not validate. Glass houses and all that.

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