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Books I Am Reading in Beta

I’m now putting Books I Am Reading in to Beta. I was going to try an attempt to do this with some fanfair but think I’ll just go for a quiet beta. Hopfully everything goes well or I might just drop it back to Alpha.

Currently the site works well for my needs but I do know there is alot more stuff to add. Things like comments, reordering of lists and possibly some better way to keep track of friends are the directions I would like to go.


If you want to go the social route, I think it would be cool to have a way to recommend books you’ve read to your friends. Like if I just read Little Brother and I think three out of six of my friends would like it, I should be able to send them a message like that.

Of course, you’d need a friends system to do that.


You don’t need a friend system for that. You could just have them send an email. Though I worry that since email already does that then I don’t need to build a feature.

If a friend system did exist you could opt in to updates from friends and it would be automatic.

I would like to augment existing channels of communication as opposed to building then over again in my little sandbox.


Voy a recomendar unos libros que no estoy leyendo, si no que he escrito, y que me gustaría dar a conocer porque quisiera concer vuestras opiniones. “Al norte del norte” y “Cantando los cuarenta” pueden servir para empezar, dos historias, dos estilos, dos mundos diferentes, y si os gustan, tengo más. Se pueden adquirir en librerías o consultar en la web de la casa del libro. Espero que os gusten.


Al norte del norte y “Cantando los cuarenta”

En librerías o en


How do we know when we sign up you won’t do some voodoo thing with out yahoo id and harass our accounts?


Good question. All the signing in is with OpenId. When you use Yahoo’s openid you do all of the signing in on Yahoo’s site. I am never told your user name or password so there is no way I could do anything with it. Read more at yahoo’s site:

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