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Switching to Ubuntu

at the very least I would like to. Ubuntu 8 is pretty hot and seems to have a lot polish that makes it feel really complete and solid. The fact that I can install it on windows as an app is just amazing.

so far these are the things that are keeping me from switching completely:

  • Photoshop
  • all the music players suck… I still don’t love winamp but it does the job the best for me.
  • FireFox also still displays ass on linux.
  • I wish Wine worked better.

But hopefully these things will be able to be fixed in the next couple years and I can make the full jump over.


Understood on all accounts. (It’s amazing how much of a deal-breaker the music player is for many people. Reasonably so. Media-without-nonsense is a big reason I chose Mac over Linux.) The best fixes I can suggest:

– Learn InkScape/GIMP and make them work for you, coding your own modules & stuff so you are more proficient with them than you were with photoshop. (This is probably impossible.)

– Music players: hack on XMMS until it’s 90% there. Or just use an iPod for music, entirely separate from Ubuntu.

– Firefox: I’m 95% sure that the problem is Fonts! Google around and you’ll find a package you can install that has sexier fonts. (Shinier fonts pain free are, again, something that make me happier working in Mac.)

Don’t interpret my Mac comments above as my zealoting you; just expressing my own responses to some aspects of Linux.


yeah I have not played much with XMMS… I feel like it did not install properly… if stuff doesn’t work on linux I’m pretty much at a loss for fixing it… I have a life time of linux stuff to learn.

InkSpace.. maybe…. GIMP… never. I’ve used GIMP a bunch and it’s interface is really a failure of user interfaces. And it misses a lot of features I use in PS. In a lot of ways PS is worth the price.

I’ll have to play with the fonts… though as a web designer I really want a consistent look for a clean install.

I know your no mac zealot. It’s sad that on the internet it’s so necessary to stat that though.

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