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This Cooking With the Dungeons & Dragons is hilarious. A lot of this seems to support the criticism toward D&D that it’s focus is too rules based. I’ve always heard GURPS was better as it required more imagination and didn’t fall back on rules systems as much.


IMHO the article was a bit more about some problems of the culture around D&D and many RPGs, and some of the kinda overly text-focused & argumentative nature.

See, even here, I’m going to give you my few cents. :-)

I don’t know if GURPS inherently forces more creativity. It has a different set of rules that works for people. (And D&D can produce a great deal of creativity in its own way.) On the flipside, many people really dig freeforming to varying degrees, and there’s lots of room in the middle.

I just realized: you would probably really dig Primetime Adventures. (


thanks.. I have to say I’m talking out of my ass a little as I’ve never really gotten involved in either community. I’ve just read some articles about it and played a handful of times.

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