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Video Games Make Us Illiterate

Some Librarian thinks libraries shouldn’t not have video games because they are secretly making us illiterate. I have to say I’ve been playing video games for so long I could barely find the box on the shelf that read “Big Brain Academy”. But in response I donned my Steven Colbert hat and left this comment:

I also have a problem with all picture books. What’s with all the pictures? you can’t read a picture! Who are these toddlers fooling? Learn to read!

My mother gave me A Tale of Two Cities when I was one year old and I never looked back. If Charles Dickens didn’t think pictures would help people read then neither do I.

Also Egyptian hieroglyphs. These pictures masquerading as words are not fooling anyone. I am apart of an ancient order of Librarians who originally formed to ban these “texts” from the Library of Alexandria. How King Tut fooled the people of Egypt in to thinking they were actually reading I’ll never know.

And that’s the Word.

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If you belive what people say today. You or subject to lost your mind. They now have kids jumping rope without a rope, play baseball without keeping score. what the hell. If you have the time a create a How to Make Video Games Blog for all us illiterate folks.

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