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Books I Am Reading Hits 1,000 Members

Books I Am Reading is tiny site I created to experiment with design and track my reading. With small sites come small mile stones and I’m very excited to have my 1,000th account created.

The community is still very small. Only about 25% of accounts created have added a book. And only 10% have added several books. I’ve talked to several passionate users but I would guess there are no more then 20 or 30 users who use it as a way to truly track their reading.

But for a small web site with many bugs still present this is extremely gratifying.

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Well – as a user who just linked your site into my blog and having looked into the other social cataloging apps out there for my needs (shelfari, Goodreads, Books iRead, Anobii etc.) I think there is a lot more scope for active uptake… you need to get this wider recognition in the blogosphere. For a blogger like me that hosts and uses Chyrp! a lightweight app like this was just what I was looking for.

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