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It’s been about a week (was it two?) since I added a normal registration with username and password to Books I Am Reading. Based on the people who hate OpenID I would have guessed that OpenID registration would have plummited. In fact it has stayed strong. Obviously OpenID has a stronger user base then you might think.


I would, without a doubt, unequivocally, every time, chose to go with OpenID vs. a traditional login/password.

With that said I would take full advantage of OpenID, starting with the fact that I get to chose my provider. Not all OpenID providers are equal, I work for Vidoop and we have an OpenID provider at that aims to help you eliminate passwords altogether.

myVidoop offers a two factor authentication solution using our ImageShield technology that requires no passwords. We also have a browser plugin for managing your traditional logins/passwords, support OpenID delegation and have lots of other neat features.

claimID, Verisign, and others listed at are solid providers as well.

I do not think people hate OpenID, they just hate the current implementations. It is a testament to the technology that adoption has continued to increase so steadily w/o good usability and a super compelling use case. With all of these issues are being worked on it should not be long now before we see the open web really take form.



I’m attempting to become a convert to OpenID, but have to confess I am not there yet!

I’ve gone so far as to do the DNS boogis and make my site an affiliate, but I have yet to get my Chyrp! powered blog logging in OK, so that is a stumbling block. I pinched some of your code from booksiamreading, but even I can see that’s not quite right for a chyrp login – any chance of a pointer or two? Don’t sweat it though, just thought I would chip in since you are interested. ( if you want to check it out)

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