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Get Satisfaction Feedback Widget

For Books I Am Reading I have been usingĀ Get Satisfaction for keeping in touch with my users. It’s worked out pretty well and kept me from having to build anything myself.

Now they have released a widget that puts a “feedback” tab on the left of every page and brings up a lightbox where they can send feedback right from the page. Sounds like a cool idea and I’m up for trying it for a little while at least.

Being a bit crazy when it comes to how I want Books I Am Reading to look I’m not sure I love having that black tab on the left. The site is pretty sparce and I’d like to keep it that way. Originally I thought I would just put the widget where ever I wanted it to go. I figured it would be a good addition to the 404 page. Sadly that is not an option but perhaps it will be one in the future.

If I get more engadment out of the community I’ll think about keeping it around. But if not then I will most likly take it off and keep the design as minimal and clean as possible.

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