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New Jersey Ballot Questions: Vote Yes and No

They are kinda of confusing and long so I will not be posting them here. Blue New Jersey has a post that says vote no and no. The Times of Trenton has an article that says vote yes and yes. The best over view is this League of Women Voters pdf (ick) that seems to have a fairly unbiased breakdown of why you would want to vote either way.

I am voting Yes and No.

Yes to the first question that seem like it will close a loophole in the law that lets the state take on debt without public approval.

No to the second question which would put more control to municipalities with join court systems when it come to choosing judges. This will probably stop more towns from joining court systems together (and thus cost more money) but all so lessens the impact corrupt apointies would have on local areas. I like my judges to have though a vetting process as possible and I think letting them go through the state senate would be best.


Thanks for the links, Stefan. I’m also voting Yes and No.


vote no on q#1 as it allows state to set up a slush fund fm sales tax revenue


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