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I only wish these inter-industry criticisms that game designer blogs and conferences would break out to be more mainstream:

When you have games industry professionals from large companies arguing that we shouldn’t worry about making a game less enjoyable as long as it generates more revenue – to me that is something to be concerned about.


I kind of wish I’d wrote ‘implying’ instead of ‘arguing’ in that quote above especially now its spread around a little.

I think that the old rules of business in the mainstream games industry were; that if you wanted publisher funding you agreed to work in currently popular genres and broad gameplay types (multiplayer military shooter) but then you were mostly free to try and make the game as good as possible within that constraint. What we might start to see more now in microtransaction driven games is the business side of the industry getting involved much more closely with each design decision.

Whether it’s a sustainable proposition long term, or if it produces games that are able to capture the current mainstream game’s market remains to be seen.

I suspect next time there is some kind of horrible tragedy revolving around game addiction that some of the mainstream technology writers might think back to the controversy at this years GDC and maybe make the connections.


thanks for the clarification!

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