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Stefan Hayden

Stefan Hayden (contact) graduated from The College of New Jersey with a degree in Graphic Design. Currently in New York he is now a web designer at a company where he designs, codes, reads, and dreams about the internet at night.

When he’s not discovering the far corners of the internet he enjoys planning large events and attempting to get his NetFlix queue down to zero.

A reverse chronology of my life (still in progress)

2009: Started at ShermansTravel. Bought a house.

2008: Started Books I Am Reading

2007: Got Married, best party ever. Worst SXSW ever. Moved back to Jersey. Started at Flugpo.

2006: First time at SXSW. Fire in our office.

2005: Got engaged. Worked 24 hours a day to graduate from the art department at TCNJ. Planed a concert for the College Union Board. Moved to Boston. Started working for Sconex.

2004: Month in Europe. World of WarCraft.

2003: Started as a Housing Assistant for Residence Life at TCNJ.

2002: Started as a Peer Assistant for Residence Life at TCNJ.

2001: Graduated from high school. Wait listed at TCNJ and then finally accepted, bastards.

1999: Everquest. It’s sad that this is so notable.

1982: I was born around lunch on December 31st so I did not interrupt the doctor’s new year eves party, or so I surmise.

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