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NY Public Library giving away free public domain books-on-demand. With one of these in place I hope there is more effort in to getting publishers to use this to get free publicity for their smaller authors who need the exposer.

J.K. Rowling adding a really interesting bit about goblins in HP7.

“You don’t understand […] To a goblin, the rightful and true master of any object is the maker, not the purchaser. All goblin made objects are, in goblin eyes, rightfully theirs.”

“But it was bought –“

“– then they would consider it rented by the one who had paid the money. They have, however, great difficulty with the idea of goblin-made objects passing from wizard to wizard. […] I believe he thinks, as do the fiercest of his kind, that it ought to have been returned to the goblins once the original purchaser died. They consider our habit of keeping goblin-made objects, passing them from wizard to wizard without further payment, little more than theft.”

– Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows pg 271

Perhaps the record industry herd she was sharing songs on her ipod and this is her revenge.

This explanation of how goblins feel about their work is basically word for word how the RIAA and MPAA looks at the works they own. They would love it if ever person had to buy the music over and over again and did not pass it on in their family. They see the music and movies you buy as simply a license that you borrow the music and not own it.

If she knew it or not the current climate of the music industry has invaded J.K. Rowling’s thoughts and she has come down against this kind of Goblin DRM.

Some quick Harry Potter stats. I waited in line for 9 hours to get the book at exactly midnight and finished the book 27 hours later after reading for 19 hours. Anyone else have their stats on hand?

With Harry Potter books out in the wild the internet has become a hostile environment for spoilers. I employ you to read carefully. LiveJournal seems to be a particularity big griefer hangout.

I read EarthSeed by Pamela Sargent in junior high and loved it so much I wanted to steal it from the library. Instead I put in a request with amazon and 6 months later they found a copy for me (it was way out of print). Now for some odd reason it’s turning in to a trilogy. So I’m re-reading it, and I never re-read, so I can finish this supposed trilogy. Follow what I’m reading at my What To Read list >>

Here’s a choice quote from Dave Shea at SXSW:

“I don’t like looking at web pages in print”

I’m so glad that Dave has such a high brow view of print design. If you like to learn more you can read his book The Zen of CSS Design: Visual Enlightenment for the Web where every single page has a website on it.

While Dave Shea is above looking at websites in a book he’s not above trying to sell them to the masses. I’m so glad I bought his book now. I want a refund.

I’ve Stopped reading Kate Elliot’s new book Spirit Gate. I read about half of the 7 books in the Crown of Stars series in high school. I really like the stories Kate Elliot has to tell. She really creates very full characters and realistic worlds. Her female characters are particularly strong and realistic in a genera where they are often used as props.

I just can’t read it fast enough. I’m a slow reader and Kate writes dense books. Only getting through a couple of pages on the commute to work and back is just not satisfying enough. I wish it wasn’t the case but I think I’m going to have to sadly give up on Kate Elliot.

Ug. Eragon was cliché and unimaginative. I can’t believe it gets so much praise. I would not recommend this book to anyone who reads a lot of fantasy. I’ve such a long list of problems with the book it’s not even worth going in to.