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Elsewhere I’m having a good debate on why Graceling is called feminist when so many other seemly feminist YA books are not called feminist. I’m still confused by the incosistancy.

I get a bit ranty but this is my response to an article Ypulse linked to at BBC news about how computers are making teens dumb. It’s just extra annoying cause clearly the woman who the article was about grew up at the dawn of TV which clearly makes us smarter after every commercial you see. Arg!

That article is so bogus. There have always been tons of people who don’t like to read. I’m 25 and have been on the computer since I was in 3rd grade and the internet since 6th.

I love to read long books as much as I watch 3 minute youtube videos.

The thing these article never go in to is reading is work. It can be super fun but it’s work that a lot of people don’t like to do. I hear jogging is fun once you start.. but I’ve never started jogging regularly so I can’t tell you for sure.

Reading used to be the only way to get entertainment. but this changed not with the computer but with the transistor radio and then TV.

Another thing never brought up by this article is how much reading you have to do on the computer. It’s not long form narrative but it’s reading. I’ll bet if you compare the amount of reading a teen did in the 60s and 70s it would be less then a teen today. From text messages to youtube comments word for word we read more. The people who argue that youtube comments don’t count as reading are the same people trying to get comic books out of libraries.

You don’t like to read book? Big deal. Tons of people don’t. When they were the only form of entertainment and information everyone had to read books. but now there is more forms of entertainment and information to suit people with different learning styles.

My brother hates to read. HATES IT. But he’ll sit and listen to an audio book for hours (which would drive me crazy).

Ug… these people make me so angry!!

Some Librarian thinks libraries shouldn’t not have video games because they are secretly making us illiterate. I have to say I’ve been playing video games for so long I could barely find the box on the shelf that read “Big Brain Academy”. But in response I donned my Steven Colbert hat and left this comment:

I also have a problem with all picture books. What’s with all the pictures? you can’t read a picture! Who are these toddlers fooling? Learn to read!

My mother gave me A Tale of Two Cities when I was one year old and I never looked back. If Charles Dickens didn’t think pictures would help people read then neither do I.

Also Egyptian hieroglyphs. These pictures masquerading as words are not fooling anyone. I am apart of an ancient order of Librarians who originally formed to ban these “texts” from the Library of Alexandria. How King Tut fooled the people of Egypt in to thinking they were actually reading I’ll never know.

And that’s the Word.

I just posted this over at YPulse and wanted to post it here as well to get some more thoughts. Currently it rings true to me but on the other hand I could be way off base.

I would almost say it seems to feed on it self. Pregnancy among disadvantaged teens has always been high. And I would almost call a lot of these young celebrities disadvantaged as well, even if it is in a completely different way.

With so much pressure and control from the outside world I could imagine a person retreating to a place they can’t be controlled, their bodies. Having a baby was something they could make their own choice and in the end also give them something to do that isn’t part of their career.

With these celebrities taking control it only encourages others to take control as well.

The reason I shy away from blaming movies like Juno and Knocked Up (besides the fact that I loved both movies) is that these movies are about dealing with irresponsibility and mistakes. But when you come to the real world it does seem to be that teens are clearly actively choosing to get pregnant.

Am I wrong? A lot of this is right from the gut where Colbert has taught me to think from.