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New google advanced search looks awesome.

This Stan Lee tribute art is really amazing.

Flugpo could most likely benefit from more microformat infusion and the hListing microformat seems ready enough to put to use.

Small interface changes can make a big difference. When ever I am designing a site feature I also put a lot of thought in to how I want people to use it and how I can encourage people to use it in that way. Here is a great article about how digg made small changes to discourage gaming of the site.

Snapple destroys their logo. This is the worst redesign I’ve seen in a while.

commandshift3 is a hot or not for websites. I’ve been trying to get Sugarloot to do this for myspace pages but no one ever seemed interested. While the idea might get old fast their about page and after you submit a site shows it has a biting dry sense of humor that I enjoy greatly.’s new header wastes no time in mirroring amazon’s new header.

Zeldman backpedals on HTML Email as fast as he can. It only took him 5 months to figure out he was about to become irrelevant in the web standards community.

I have a hard time he really want from hating it:

“I mean it sucks because nobody needs it. It impedes rather than aids communication.”

To now loving it. Something tell me hating HTML email just became bad for business.

YouTube is starting a major redesign and have made some odd and interesting choices. Amazon recently impressed me by hiding away alot of interface to fit more contest on the screen. YouTube seems headed in a similar direction.

Their new layout definitely looks better then the old one but they have made a choice that does not sit as well with me. In hiding away all those interface elements in dropdown menus they have taken all that new space and put a 300×250 add on the page in place of the 160×600 ad.

Perhaps it’s not glaringly obvious to most people but I can’t look at that page with out imagining a designer told to redo the page so a 300 ad could fit on it. Design that purely motivated by ad placement always make me queasy.

I had no idea that some fonts came with context alternatives for glyphs that need to work in different ways.

I don’t check myspace every day so I don’t know how new this is but if you log in and look up to the right there is a little link to a new homepage design. I must say it is light years ahead of the rest of the site’s design.

People have been calling for a redesign for years now and maybe it’s finally starting to happen. In general it’s pretty clean and organized. good job myspace design team!

After a long weekend of designing a website for the 48 hour Rails Rumble competition we are pleased with our end result. Yarps are little avatar pets that you can punish or praise.

Voting is open and though you do have to register to vote I would greatly appreciate your vote. There is some stiff competition but with some help I’m hoping we can get a respectable place.


Wow. is redesigning and Download squad has a great review of it. It’s hard to tell from the smallish screen caps but it really looks amazing. It’s going to be hard to outshine Amazon. There are really some great design showing up on the internet these days.

It took me a second to get over the shock but the new Amazon redesign is really awesome. It really feel like they hidden a lot of interface away and really let users discover features as they need them. hiding interface elements can be one of the hardest things to convince some one to do but it always seems to pay off. I’m glad to see Amazon agrees.

Google Reader went though a little tiny redesign. One of the things they changed was their loading graphic. The old one was very cute and had bubbles coming out of a beaker since the reader is still part of google labs.

The new loading graphic is a smaller graphic at the top of the page. But it look a little odd. Reader has a little shading on the top of the page and google just puts a flat color graphic on top.

With just a little added shadow like I show below I think the graphic really blends in to the page better. A small detail like that can really help polish the over all feel of a site. Google has been traditionally good at consistent feel which is why I think this loading graphic really stands out.


I really also think the loading graphic is way too close to the drop down box but reader is trying to fit a lot of information on the page and so it might just be a needed trade off for a temporary image.

I assume they changed the graphic in the first place to conform with the company style guide but honestly I like the old loading graphic and I miss it.