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Awhile ago I was listening to a podcast about video games. They focus mostly on console games but for whatever reason they were talking about PC games which is where most of my interest lie and they just said obviously wrong thing after obviously wrong thing. And it made me so angry. So angry that I actually just stopped listening to all of the small handful of podcasts I was subscribed to.

Slowly I am bringing them back. First to catch up with Welcome to Nightvale and then Serial which has swept the internet almost as quickly as Nightvale did. But also Reasonably Sound a great podcast about an area I know very little about.

For me the greatest problem is just that podcasts are something I tend to do on my commute and which is also where I do most of my reading and so they tend to take me from reading. I’m already not reading as much as I should as I let Game of Thrones slow me down to a halt.

3D TVs. guess what? I don’t want one. The problem is people who make TVs need to come up with new ways to convince people to buy new TVs because that’s the only way they can make more money.

So I thought I would just throw up my 2 cents on what would make me want to buy a new TV. Do you know where the current action seems to be going on? Set top boxes. Cable Boxes, x-box, Roku. That’s the current battle ground. That’s where I get added value.

If I made TVs I would be pissed that people felt the need to add a box to my TVs. Why not just build that shit right in to the TV? That’s part of the reason I think GoogleTV is interesting. It will come installed on some TVs. With enough internet services all I need is a TV and Ethernet cord. Who knows what other software you could put on TVs. An apps market place? Inputs for game controllers? Camera for filming video or teleconferencing? What if the TV worked with TiVo to make Tivo even more awesome (even though I’m pissed at series 4 tivo)? I feel like TVs are in a good place to undercut a lot of these boxes that people put under their TVs (BTW with flat screen TVs set-top-box doesn’t even make sense any more).

And to be clear. I’m not buying a 3D TV. So build me something I would want to buy.

ING finally seems to have tons of free ATMS.

To review we got G1 phones at walmart and were told they would work in 4 hours. That did not happen.

So te next day we truck on over to the T-mobile kiosk where hopfully they know what they are doing. They are clearly annoyed we went to walmart.

So it seems walmart make 2 key mistakes. We wanted to transfer our old numbers from verizon, which takes “48 hours”, so we needed temporary numbers in the mean time. Thoes numbers were never added. We also, of course, wanetd a data plan. Walmart said we only needed one data plan. I wanted that to be true and so belived it. But of course it is not true, you need 1  data plan for each phone.

Never the less the t-mobile person ended up trying to add a second data plan. I still could not login to my google account on either mine or keri’s phone.

Basicly they told us our account was locked untill our numbers transfered. So we went home to wait till saturday when then 48 hours is up.

Right when I got home I tried to login to my phone and it worked. Keri’s phone still does not. We are getting closer.

My god I hope this series does not have many parts.

Keri and I decided to buy our google phones in Walmart for the discount. We knew there could be problems as we are currently with verizon and wanted to transfer our numbers. A lot to handle for walmart employees.

They were nice enough and two hours later we had our phones and were out the door. We were assured that in three to four hours our phones would be working.

Now three to four hours later we have google phones that will not let us sign in. Awesome.

I tried to call several T-mobile help numbers but all said they did not recognise my verizon number. So I guess I’m off to a t-mobile store tommarow. I hope we’re at least in thier data base of customers.

So back in July Apple came out with an iPhone commercial with The Submarines and Keri and I freaked out as we were in love with them. We had just seen them in nyc a month before and I had been listening to the new album almost non stop since Amazon let me download it.

Not long after that we saw them in concert again (opening for Aimee Mann) and got to talk to Blake (John was hiding in the back) about the iPhone commercial. Blake was super excited and we mentioned it was sad it was just the instrumentals. Blake pointed out that the lyrics didn’t really lend it self to selling phones.

Fast forward to now and You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie has basically become the theme song for the iPhone as it’s been in several more commercials. The big news is that now Apple shows off the Shazam app by having it detect the song in the commercial and bring you to the The Submarines iTunes page. So congrats to Blake and John. Come back to NYC soon.

Being a Millennial I have crazy job requirements like wanting to really like my job. Recently I have put alot of though in to how I would boild down what is good or bad about a job and have gotten these 3 categories that I think are most important.

  1. The Work
  2. The Company
  3. The People

1. The Work: This is what I think is the eaiest part of any job to know if you like it. When you interview with a company this is what the interview is about. Likeing the work you are doing is very important and I think most people realise this.

2. The Company: Do you like big companies or little companies? Old companies or new companies? I like small new companies with few rules which encompaces most startups that I have worked for. This is not to hard to interview for but still important. What kind of internet restriction do they have? How long does vacation take to get aproved? Do they match 401k?

3. The People: You spend all day with the people you work with and you should want to spend time with them. If you don’t like the people you work with you might as well be working from home. This is hard to interview for. What questions do you ask? How do you know if people are friendly or if they are easy to work with? It seems to amaze me that people are so important to my daily experience but there is no established part of an interview to better get to know the people you might spend 1/3rd of your life.

Give each category full or half point for your past jobs to see what you liked or disliked about them. I think the wholy grail of job hunting is to find a job with a score of 3. This is extreemly hard as I think is easy to know if the work and company will be good but very hard to know if the people will be good.

Since a 3 is so hard, or even impossible, to find what is more important to you? If the work and company were both good would you put up with mean or boring people? Or are people important enough to you that you would work at a bad job to hang out with friends?

Everyone will have an opinion on what is the most important part of a job. But I think there needs to be more time in general focused on letting there interviewee find out if they will like the job instead of just focusing on if you can do the job. 

Acording to ballotpedia the NJ ballot questions (1 and 2) went the way I thought they should. In other news ballotpedia is a pretty awesome site.

Anil has alway been one of my many internet heros. He has a great post up about how marage is awesome.  Alot of the talk about marrage these days seems to be either from the gay community or the religeous community. Anil and I both come at marrage from an angle, one where the point is just chosing to spend all your time with one awesome person. So much of marrage has little to do with gender or race of the other person and much more about chosing someone to trust completly. I hope prop 8 goes well in California. I think it will but the polls seem relativly tight and I think if the libral state of California can’t pass this then a lot of other states are going to have an even harder time.

While I wasn’t looking my youtube subscriptions has surpassed 100. Why should you care? Because back when my bloglines reader first hit 100 feeds I knew that rss readers were going to be big. And yet there still is no good aggregation for online video.

This video makes me seem lamer then I remember being. Perhaps I can be happy for high self esteem?

It’s been a while since there has been an amazing talk at google. This is one of them.

This really explains personality types a lot. You can take the test here. Here are my results:

Past-negative 2.70
Past-positive 2.78
Present-hedonistic 2.53
Present-fatalistic 1.44
Future 3.77

This is a graph with the 50% mark being “average” and the red dots being an “ideal time perspective” and the green being my scores. Clearly they think I should enjoy my past more (Past Positive) and live more in the moment (Present Hedonism). I’m mostly future oriented but you can tell I’m still below the “ideal”. Which I think rings true since I am very good at thinking about the future but not as good as I wish I was at enacting the plans to get to that future. Here’s more info on the perspective types.

This is my guess for the 2008 presidential election. Many will say it’s overly optimistic but to say I have high hopes would be understating it. You can make your own map here.

my electoral college map for the 2008 election

For reference here is what the state by state markets say on intrade:

SugarLoot’s redesign was launched the other day. Wiping out most of the work I have done at Sconex. Most of my code and user interface is still there but the look and feel is very different.

As a internet jack of all trades I enjoy that the full quote is: “Jack of all trades, master of none, though often times better than master of one”