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Events you should be aware of:

if anyone ever goes to Florida they must get the Rock Shrimp at the Dixie Crossroads. Best food ever.

Hard for me to say this diet doesn’t sound like the worst idea ever even if it’s a little more work then I currently do.

Books I Am Reading is tiny site I created to experiment with design and track my reading. With small sites come small mile stones and I’m very excited to have my 1,000th account created.

The community is still very small. Only about 25% of accounts created have added a book. And only 10% have added several books. I’ve talked to several passionate users but I would guess there are no more then 20 or 30 users who use it as a way to truly track their reading.

But for a small web site with many bugs still present this is extremely gratifying.

When I send you google maps I have chosen the specific rout you will go. Google maps is just formating it nicely for me. Do not change the start location or the end location because otherwise google maps will have you swmming across the atlantic or some other batshit crazy directions.

That is all.

The draft of the 2008 Democratic National Committee platform is out and although it will be changed some here is my favorite part:


We will lift the veil of secret deals in Washington by publishing searchable, online information about federal grants, contracts, earmarks, loans, and lobbyist contacts with government officials. We will make government data available online and will have an online video archive of significant agency meetings. We will put all non-emergency bills that Congress has passed online for five days, to allow the American public to review and comment on them before they are signed into law. We will require Cabinet officials to have periodic national online town hall meetings to discuss issues before their agencies.

via Democratic Convention Watch

As of today is officially dead. I designed and built user interfaces for Sconex for full year before moving on to Sugarloot, which currently still resolves to an IP adress.

Unlike most web designers who jump from project to project I tend to spend large amounts of time on a site and it’s sad too see one go. Sconex had a lot of rough design edges but there was a lot of great work I put in there. I’m still happy with how you could make a quiz. It was simple and intuitive. And the front page was pretty hot too.

It usually good to keep your portfolio fresh though and I guess now’s as good a time as any to trim mine down.

I was planning on going here but I think I’ll go here instead today:

In general I’m bad at blog anniversaries. I never remember what day I started almost 4 years ago. But 2 posts ago was my 1000th post. Which I think is kinda cool even if the post is a little bit of a throw away. I’ve never been very poignant.

Thanks to Joel and every one at Fog Creek for an awesome open house. It’s clear why they are so well respected as each member of Fog Creek was extremely friendly, Joel in particular. Definitely the best hosted meetup I’ve been to in a long time.

Of my top 25 bands (23 if you combine all the Mike Viola / Candy Butchers) on I have seen 15 in concert. That seems like a pretty good effort on my part. And 8 of those are from the top ten!

  1. The Eames Era
  2. Bishop Allen
  3. Ted Leo and The Pharmacists
  4. Rilo Kiley
  5. Fountains of Wayne
  6. Weezer
  7. Jonathan Coulton
  8. The Lascivious Biddies
  9. Mike Viola
  10. The Elected
  11. The Decemberists
  12. Candy Butchers
  13. Stars
  14. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
  15. The Candy Butchers
  16. Death Cab for Cutie
  17. Cake
  18. The Golden Republic
  19. Guided by Voices
  20. Jill Sobule
  21. The Submarines
  22. Spoon
  23. Lily Allen
  24. Architecture in Helsinki
  25. Fooled by April

Seems accurate enough. Don’t know much about this test.

Main Type
Overall Self

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Enneagram Test Results
Type 1 Perfectionism |||||||||||||| 58%
Type 2 Helpfulness |||||||||||| 42%
Type 3 Image Focus |||||||||||||| 54%
Type 4 Hypersensitivity |||| 14%
Type 5 Detachment |||||||||||||| 58%
Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||||| 50%
Type 7 Adventurousness |||||||||||| 42%
Type 8 Aggressiveness |||||||||| 34%
Type 9 Calmness |||||||||||||||||| 78%

Your main type is 9
Your variant is social

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A List Apart says never discuss your salary:

“Never discuss your salary with coworkers. Sharing salary information is not only inappropriate, it can lead to real trouble in the workplace.”

Really? I’ve heard this many times before but never really thought much of it. Lot of people do find talking about financial stuff uncomfortable but is that normal?

So far at the jobs I’ve worked at most every one was fine talking about salary. A List Apart says you should negotiate a salary that you should “feel comfortable with your financial arrangement”. And if you are comfortable then you should not be upset by what other people make.

If you work in a place where your co-workers of similar skill level and position make a salary that is a significant different then that does not sound like an honest work place. You should not be shocked by your co-workers salary. It might be different from your own but not to a shocking degree.

There are many types of jobs where salary are public knowledge. Sports stars and government officials are well aware what their co-works make and so is the general public.

So you should be careful about talking about money with anyone. But if a conducive work environment can only be achieved when salary is kept a dark secrete then something is wrong. If you are happy with your own salary then you should not care what others are paid. And if you are paid tens of thousands of dollar different from your peers then there is some thing wrong with how your company compensates it’s employees and you should know.

Note to self: My father totally would want this for his birthday.