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at the very least I would like to. Ubuntu 8 is pretty hot and seems to have a lot polish that makes it feel really complete and solid. The fact that I can install it on windows as an app is just amazing.

so far these are the things that are keeping me from switching completely:

  • Photoshop
  • all the music players suck… I still don’t love winamp but it does the job the best for me.
  • FireFox also still displays ass on linux.
  • I wish Wine worked better.

But hopefully these things will be able to be fixed in the next couple years and I can make the full jump over.

I’m now putting Books I Am Reading in to Beta. I was going to try an attempt to do this with some fanfair but think I’ll just go for a quiet beta. Hopfully everything goes well or I might just drop it back to Alpha.

Currently the site works well for my needs but I do know there is alot more stuff to add. Things like comments, reordering of lists and possibly some better way to keep track of friends are the directions I would like to go.

I really want to like Sins of a Solar Empire after playing the demo. it’s an awesome game. I just really suck at RTS games and even lost on easy. If you like RTS definitely check out the demo.

OMG congrats to Diablo Cody for winning best original screenplay! I love Juno so much. Tough luck for Ellen Page as I think a comedy has a hard time getting best leading role.

I’ve never been this anxious during a primary. Though it seem politico has a pro-obama slant it’s nice to be surrounded by friends: Five reasons Hillary should be worried

I signed up for Marvel Digital in an attempt to get back in to comics. I have some trepidations as it’s a new service and I’m unclear how they are releasing the newer comics but I’m hoping it will work out.

This is not a political blog and while I have not avoided linking to political issues I’m kind of avoided talking about too much politics. More and more though I really just want this site to be a direct reflection of myself. Mostly I do that by highlighting the best of what I am reading or watching. While I don’t want this whole “reflection” thing to spiral to me talking about daily minutia I think politics are important enough to warrant voicing my opinion.

It would be fair to say last presidential election cycle was disappointing and I’m hoping this one will do better. And so far it is. In the begging I have to say I was most excited about Biden and Richarson. Biden has already dropped out and Richardson has turned out to not speak well on a national level.

I was not a big fan of Obama, Clinton, or Edwards in the beginning. If you don’t research and just go by sound bites they all kind of sound the same and being the front runners I did not have much hope for them. On closer inspection recently I have come around and now I can Say I would be happy for any of them to be president and actually kind of excited about Obama.

I’ve seen Obama talk about technology at google and Lawence Lessig’s support really sold me. I’ve also read enough about what Hillary wanted to do with our health care and how she was deionized for it to really believe she has a strong hold on what is wrong in America. And while Obama seems to be good at giving really inspiring speeches I think Hillary could do a lot to humanize this country if she did not fall in to the trap of acting too macho.

The media seemed determined to pick a president already but I think it’s going to be a long race between the top three democrats. It does not seem to be projected but I certainly think it would be good for America if Edwards won in the Carolinas and made the race even tighter. Who ever does win I have hard time believing we could not all agree they are better then any one the republicans have.

On the other side Ron Paul is funny cause 90% of the time he talks about stuff that every one seems to agree upon. But he has a lot of opinions are so extreme that don’t seem to make as much sense. I agree that the education department is not doing a good job but I don’t believe getting rid of it will fix the problem.

McCain is some one I used to like a lot but now I don’t know what to think. He seems to have supported bush more these past years then he had in the past. I mean he’s better then Huckabee I guess who may very well be even worse then Bush.

About the great Mike Huckabee. This is just like George Bush part two, if not worse.

I wish I knew about gluing the pages together before I tried to put Keri’s engagement ring in the Harry Potter Book.

There seems to be a lot of good articles recently about how to raise smart kids. About how telling them they are smart is different them telling them the amount of effort they put in makes them smart. To a point I definitely suffered from this as a kid and I still struggle with it today. It’s hard to relearn to just put on foot in front of the other.

I find it interesting that the people who complain the most about the wii-mote are the same people who are really good old school game pad commands like up, up, down, down, left, right, left, B, A, Start.

Gmail is finally showing me the new interface. Most of the new features are supposed to be backend but there are a few features of note. The contact manager is more robust and with the ability to add people’s IM from other services. It’s unclear if gtalk will actually let me talk to them though the gtalk client but I wait with baited breath.

The new contact manager is nice but still sadly under powered. I know too many people with multiple emails and I really want a better way to merge multi email addresses in to a single contact.

NaNoWriMo starts today. 1667 words a day to a 50,000 word novel. I’ve always read that writing needs to be daily habit. So far all I’ve accomplished is a yearly habit of joining NaNoWriMo. Lets see if I can beat my record of 10,000 words.

Today I officially unsubscribed from LonleyGirl15. I watched the whole first season and a little more. I was way behind on videos at this point.

I know at some point it would lose my interest. To often the plot went extremely slow and any built up suspense was almost rarely realized into something satisfying. I think I watched mostly because there was a lot of suspense and the slow plot really let them flesh out the characters.

It was a fun ride and though the series might be counted as a success I think the format is doomed to failure with out a larger company behind it. A real time action series needs to be well funded to work correctly and LonelyGirl just did not have the cash or ability to scale along with the plot they wanted to write.

Apparently smoking in NYC is going way down. Yet why are people blowing smoke in my face the entire way to port authority? I never had this problem in Boston.