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On this I Am America (And So Can You!) day eve I finally got a chance to try Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream. And you know what, it wasn’t half bad.

It wasn’t until 2 years ago when I moved out of New Jersey that I realized how much people looked down on New Jersey. For no real reason other then that what they are told to do.

Never having needed to defend NJ (TCNJ was mostly a NJ love fest) my defense of “New Jersey is Awesome” came across weak. Now I’m keen to find well thought out arguments for New Jersey and the latest recap of HIMYM over at TV squad is a great example:

“I don’t know if you’ve been to New York lately, but if you go, the one thing you’ll notice is that most of the people there aren’t native New Yorkers. They’re from all over the country; they’ve decided to move to the city to chase their dreams or just get the experience of living there. After about a year, most of them feel they’ve been hardened by the experience, thinking they’re “real New Yorkers” because they got the privilege of crowding on the subways and paying $2500 for a studio. With that badge of honor, they feel they get to make fun of all the “Bridge & Tunnel” people who, even though they’ve lived in the area all their lives, have the good sense to live in a place where drinks are less than $15 a pop.”

Bravo sir. (via Keri)

Oh TV… why must our relationship be so love hate? I have to say I was about to give up this season.

Gossip Girls was boring. The narrator removes the emotion from the show (not Kristen Bell’s fault) and the CW does not seem to have enough money to really make these kids look as rich as they should be. And the dramatic pauses, talk about soap opera. This is at best the poor man’s version of The OC.

Reaper was fun but not the kind of show I really can get super excited about. Missy Peregrym also kind of bothers me. It was fine when she was dating Dino because he bothered me too but in any other context it just seems wrong.

Private Practice was horrible. Just about everything in the show was wrong. Could Richard Webber give her more outs to come back if Addison’s show is canceled? Why does he have to “hold her job open” when she basically followed her husband there and just started working full time when she arrived? Why does the daughter who hide her pregnancy from her father have a holistic birth plan? Is she really that organized? And I thought this was supposed to be funny. Face it anything with Amy Brenneman is just going to be a touch feely show that makes people cry.

Dirty Sexy Money is such a great show though. It, like gossip girls, is about ultra rich people in NYC. Though I guess ABC has real money cause unlike on the CW this show really looks like it has more money then it knows what to do with. Peter Krause, from Six Feet Under, is amazing and really is going to hold the show together. His character is likable and conflicted and just well written over all.

Season 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbender starts tonight at 8:30 PM (EST) on Nickelodeon. This is one of the best animated shows on TV since Batman: The Animated Series.

Happy Talk Like A Pirate day!

I don’t remember the date being announced but amazon is reporting Spore will come out March 31, 2008. I’m so excited.

New site design. This one is hopefully a little cleaner and feels more open. A lot of the extra info I like is still in the sidebar but it fades out of view until you really want to focus on it. Over all just more focus on the content.

Why can’t I ever remember this: INTJ – Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging (take the test)

Young adults aren’t sticking with church 70% — both evangelical and mainline — age 18 to 30 drop out of church before age 23.

Why is it impossible to invest in Africa?

Lately I’ve been trying to learn a lot more about the stock market and long term investing. In my mind long term investing is finding stock that will do well in the future no matter if it’s doing well now or not.

This can get tricky. You could have invested in Coke back when it still had coke in the drink but you would have no way to know it would last so long. Companies scare me as they come and go so quickly. Investing in Microsoft in the 80s would have been great but what are they going to do in the next 20 or 30 years? Who knows.

Indexes then become the next best thing. Once a company goes under the index just picks up the next best company. There are tons of ETF type indexes for all over the world. America, Europe, Asia even South America has a bunch to chose from.

There are almost non for Africa though. The only one is for South Africa.

Where are the ETFs for the rest of the continent? I think many argue that the market is too volatile there. Not being a professional investor I’m not completely sure why I care.

The stock can go up and down every minute and all I care about is if it’s going to go up in the next 40 years. And Africa being so under developed I don’t see how it’s market can do anything but go up over the long term.

Maybe I’m wrong but I’m young and I and willing to take that risk.

  1. Gmail – I never close this tab… ever. I swear it’s javascript running 24 hours a day could fill an ocean of memory leaks.
  2. iStockPhoto – building some graphics for SugarLoot
  3. Google Reader – Another tab I use a lot along with more javascript memory leaks.
  4. SugarLoot Admin page – updating contests
  5. This Blog – writing this post and kept open for quick link posting.
  6. Obligatory Random Article – Always have at lest one open. This time it’s Bruce Sterling’s Dispatches From the Hyperlocal Future. Hard not think of Harvey Feldspar as Jason Kottke.
  7. Writely (currently google docs) – I’m definitely a google whore but in my defense I still think of it as Writely. My NaNoWriMo book from 2 years ago is open which I frequently open and pretend like I’m going to write more. I only have 6k words and most of it is notes. I’m not doing very well there.
  8. SugarLoot – viewing my changes from the admin page.
  9. Google – Spell checking words that I’ve spelled bad enough to baffle FireFox’s spell check which I don’t consider very strong. Google’s algorithm can help me spell anything though.

I hope Deep Discount DVD does not get sued out of existence from sending out the Harry Potter books early. I depend on their holiday sales.

It’s always bothered me how websites enforce heteronormativity. Facebook made a huge leap ahead in relationship status with its “it’s complicated” status. Pownce seems to be trying to make a similar jump forward with their gender selections. Most are just for fun but hopefully a Transgender option will be put to good use by the community. There are still a lot of subcategories of transgender and hopefully they will come about at some point.

One reason many sites avoid complicated gender options is some ads can be targeted to gender and sites do not want to let people choose options that they can not monetize. While this makes perfect sense to marketers it just sounds dumb to every one else. If I was an advertiser and a site was serving my targeted ads to men and transgendered individuals were seeing the ad I would be upset that I was paying for that. As an advertiser I would push websites to have real world options for real world people. Conversely without the option on most websites the transgendered community effectively becomes invisible.

So weather they intended it or not Pownce is doing a service to the web.

I’m not sure the writers of The Best Years have really been to college and instead write their episodes base on gross rumors they have heard. So painfully bad.