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Microsoft extends Xbox 360 warranty for 3 years for the dreaded “3 red lights” console death. I finally feel like my new Xbox 360 will have a happy life.

If I had the money and time I would get my ass to the Virtual Goods Summit. I would love to be in the virtual goods business.

Gen 13The people over at Cover Browser have put in tons of hours to compile a site of over 70,000 covers. This site just highlights how hidden comics are online that it take hundreds of hours to get this information on one site that then silos the information away so other people can’t access it. Where is the Google Comic Books?

Why Isn’t Marvel and DC getting more comic info online? I loved comics in high school back when all people could talk about were foil covers and how people we’re going to retire by selling their Gen13 #1 comic. Now comics are in another downturn after not even recovering from the last one.

If Marvel and DC started their own social network with all the info from the archives it would be huge. There is no good online space for comic fans. There are a few small social networks who are trying to build a database of the entire history of comics and it’s such a large undertaking that they seem doomed to failure.

Some one needs to bring comics online before they die offline.

I’ve been working on a site to post to Twitter in pirate speak called Post Like A Pirate. There are still lots of bugs to work out but I would love for people to try it out and help me find all the bugs. The email feature is currently the buggiest so treat it nicely. Any help improving the translator would also be greatly appreciated.

In honor of The Eames Era playing at Hennessy’s here’s a good look at the history of the fine design aesthetic.

Congratulations to Brooke and Ricardo for winning NYFA awards (photo).

Zach Braff had a really great monologue on SNL last night (Video) with an awesome song about New Jersey. Off hand he mentioned the Statue of Liberty and how it’s really in NJ. This is something thrown around a lot in NJ and it renewed my interest about topic.

After pouring over the Wikipedia talk page for the Statue and sorting through arguments over the original 1664 charter and interstate compacts from 1834 I think I have the wording that makes the most sense.

Liberty Island is physically located with in the borders of Hudson County, NJ. But the island itself is federal property, belonging to no state, but federally managed through the State of New York.

So really no one owns it. But it is in NJ and it can be considered part of NY since the State over sees the running of the island. So in most ways everyone is correct.

RIP Gilmore Girls 2000 – 2007. Though it was on life support it’s last two years and we all wanted it to pass away it’s still sad to see an era come to an end.

For the most part I like windows. Perhaps I’m just more of an anti-mac zealot but either way windows does what I want it to. But my last experience was not a fun one at all.

First off Dell’s “Vista ready” PCs were a complete ripoff. A relative of mine got their vista ready computer from dell back in January and just received her version of Vista now almost 5 months later. That is a travesty right there how buying a whole computer doesn’t get you some kind of pre-order status is beyond me.

But once she had it I jumped at the chance to install it for her. The only way you really get good at windows is through practice and I do love to learn. I didn’t have a ton of time and so I took the most direct rout and did an upgrade so all the files would stay in place and they would just have a shiny new OS wrapper.

For a Vista ready computer it definitely installed slow. And the process makes no sense. If I remember correctly the steps listed were: Transfer files, collect files, extract files, features and updates, and setup complete. If you just look at that it makes no sense. Why would you transfer files randomly so that they then had to be collected? Why would features and update just be one step? Why not tell people what the features are? How is setup complete a step? It’s more like a message you get when your done.

The first 3 steps took about an hour which was frustrating but over all not horrible. I was excited when features and updates popped up to see what it was installing. It didn’t give any indication of what it was installing and it was done in about 2 minutes. Wait… what? 2 minutes? Over 5 years and millions of man hours and your going to tell me that features and updates took 2 minutes? I suddenly feel a little ripped off.

Next was setup complete. I was happy to be done so I could play with Vista. I know they have more then 2 minutes of features no matter how dumb their setup was. Setup Complete took an hour to get to 50%. What was it doing? At this point I’m dieing for any indication of what it is doing. Even a list of files it was installing would be better then the flashing ellipsis to show that something is happening that is probably just an animated gif anyway instead of an actual indication of processing.

At 51% it had reinstalled the graphics card drivers and flashed the screen to show a decent resolution. At 54% the screen flashed black again but then restarted the computer. It started to load Vista and then crashed to a blue screen. This was a vista ready computer… it has no business crashing to a blue screen on install.

I tried a repair but after letting it run all night (I mean 50% of the OS was never “Setup Completed”) but in the morning it was clear it wasn’t actually doing anything but showing me a load bar that was an animated gif. I finally figured out how to restore XP but it was hidden on a option screen that only flashed a second on screen during boot time. I tried a second install but it failed in the same spot.

I didn’t have enough time to do more or try backing everything up and trying a clean install. It hardly matter though because an XP to Vista upgrade should go smoothly no matter what. I’m kinda pissed and exhausted that nothing was accomplished after all that work.

(P.S. I don’t need other OS zelots mocking me in the comments. Go ahead and try. I will censor you and maybe even edit your comment for comedic effect. I am a despot.)

Wow. Brugal is some good rum from the Dominican Republic.

I read EarthSeed by Pamela Sargent in junior high and loved it so much I wanted to steal it from the library. Instead I put in a request with amazon and 6 months later they found a copy for me (it was way out of print). Now for some odd reason it’s turning in to a trilogy. So I’m re-reading it, and I never re-read, so I can finish this supposed trilogy. Follow what I’m reading at my What To Read list >>

See you there. A little piece of Jersey right here in Boston.

Fountain of Wayne at Paradice

This Ninja Warrior show on G4 is crazy. There is no way American insurance companies would allow this show to exist.

me at sxswTake a look at all the geeky people at sxsw and look I’m one of them as well!. It did seem that fewer people were wearing geeky t-shirts then last year. I mean if your not going to wear them at sxsw when are you going to wear them?

Will Wright’s presentation was amazing. I am waiting to buy a new computer simply to play this game.

As Billy Whitehead pointed out to me the demo Will was running on his laptop was Release Candidate 2. I’m not sure how many release candidates is normal but I hope to god it’s 3. Even though Will has said 3rd quarter 2007 he could always surprise us with an early release.

Of course release candidate means they are just bug fixing for the most part which could be a little sad. One of the cool things you can do in a game is dramatically affect a planet. Such as dumping CO2 in to the atmosphere to heat it up or sculpt the very land.

I would like to go one step further and be able to sculpt the solar systems. Will is always flying around space showing rings around stars that will turn in to planets or gas clouds that will turn in to stars.

I would love to be able to create rocks to form planets, use gravity to affect orbits and stars, spew gas to create stars, or even speed or reverse a stars life cycle.

It currently doesn’t seem like these features are included. Though perhaps they could be added on a later date it’s too bad it’s not part of the base functionality.