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I’ve Stopped reading Kate Elliot’s new book Spirit Gate. I read about half of the 7 books in the Crown of Stars series in high school. I really like the stories Kate Elliot has to tell. She really creates very full characters and realistic worlds. Her female characters are particularly strong and realistic in a genera where they are often used as props.

I just can’t read it fast enough. I’m a slow reader and Kate writes dense books. Only getting through a couple of pages on the commute to work and back is just not satisfying enough. I wish it wasn’t the case but I think I’m going to have to sadly give up on Kate Elliot.

Every once in a while a movie trailer pulls the wool over my eyes. The last time that happened it was Uptown Girls (I can wait for the laughter to stop). When I saw the preview I was expecting a funny, cute and genuine movie much like the movie Little Manhattan (Trailer).

My office building kind of caught fire today. Not fun at all.

Prewalking: walking down the subway platform so that when you board the train, you’ll be close to the exit or transfer point when the train reaches its destination. (via Kottke) I do that every day!

I had mentioned before that I was excited about Skyland, a new animated show on NickToons. The show’s premise is that earth has shattered in to millions of little pieces that orbit around the core which is just a very inventive idea to build on. The show is beautiful rendered in all 3d. The back grounds are stunning and the cell shading on the characters is awesome.

Sadly it ends there. The writing is horrible and stiff and it’s not helped buy the bad voice acting. The characters are poorly animated and seems jerky and removed. It’s a little painful to watch and I can’t say I’ll be watching many more in the future. Makes me glad that Avatar gets every element of their show just right.

The day it came out I got a Nintendo Wii and have been greatly enjoying it. The motion sensor is very sensitive and you can get some great control out of it. The Wii Sports game that comes with the system is a great set of mini games that really gets everyone excited about the system. I brought it to work and Thanksgiving and it was a big hit every where even though I only own one controller.

I also went out and got a Gamecube controller and memory card so I could play Zelda: The Windwaker. It’s a great game and works great on the Wii. I’ve also downloaded Mario 64 and used the Gamecube controller to play it and it plays great.

Over all it’s been a very big video game week. I haven’t played this many video games since before college.

I’ve never seen argument about living forever as a possibility put across so convincingly (Video). An awesome video that every should watch.

Elderly harmonica player arrested for performing copyrighted songs at bar. I hate the world. (via Waxy)

Skyland is a show that looks like it could be awesome on Nicktoons. Set your TiVos now so you don’t miss it! (Video: go to the trailer section)

Britain is considering extending its copyright term for recordings from 50 years to 95 years. How this counts as harmonizing with the USA’s 75 years is beyond me. Copyright needs to be cut way back.

If you’re not doing anything on Friday check out the Boston Vox meetup. (Sadly I’ll be on my way down to Jersey)

Jeremy Keith has to be at the forefront of bringing tons of meta data together in context. He’s been an inspiration for a lot of what I have going on in my sidebar. I think we both secretly do it cause we like the idea of our website updating itself.

Ug. Eragon was cliché and unimaginative. I can’t believe it gets so much praise. I would not recommend this book to anyone who reads a lot of fantasy. I’ve such a long list of problems with the book it’s not even worth going in to.

My first attempt at installing WordPress Mu was unsuccessful. It seems it is not as fall of the log easy as WordPress itself. Hopefully I can find some answers in the forum.

Hello. I’m Stefan and you’ve been reading my website. According to my stats I almost have 50 readers and beyond one or two of them I have no idea who you are?

I love knowing who stops by. Trey Piepmeier, TangognaT, and Keri Adams are probably all I know who stop by.

If you check this site even only once in a while you should comment below. Let me know who you are and what you like and I’ll be sure to help you find some some awesome stuff online.