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I am currently downloading the entire 280mb collection of just about everything Jonathan Coulton has ever done.

Awesome interview (audio) with and John Coultron and John Hodgman. I really can’t get enough of these two.

National Novel Writing Month is approaching and their web site is gearing up for the season. Check out NaNoWriMo’s new blog to keep up on news. Last year I failed with barley 9k words. This year I’m going all the way!

I always get a little excited when google come out with a great product because it’s just nice not to need to remember to go to another website. There are only 2 websites I really care about, my email and my feed reader. Currently Bloglines and Gmail fill this roll.

Previously google came out with a feed reader at it seems like it was targeted more at armature feed readers. Technorati has a similar idea going.

I am not an armature. I have 300 feeds that I do a half decent job of keeping up with. Google has updated their feed reader to come in line with the most popular readers.

Some of the stand out features are that it does not count a post as read until you scroll past it in the reader and other small things like button to jump to the next story.

One thing that really surprises me is though they look very different there doesn’t seem to be a large difference between Bloglines and Google Reader.

So what is the difference? In my opinion the difference is the layout. Bloglines has it set up so it uses the entire window for selecting and reading feeds. While google demands to use some of the window for their navigation. Basically Bloglines gets out of my way completely.

bloglinesGoogle Reader

Winner: Bloglines

Don’t click though to my website from and then think I will not notice. Come on Bloglines, how do I get invited to that magical land of pre-beta?

Big day for feed readers. Bloglines has updated their interface in the left panel to not refresh all 300 of my feeds at the same time. This refresh was literally bringing Firefox to a halt and is a welcome update. Bloglines is clearly fighting to keep me off of Google’s reader.

Google’s RSS Reader has just gotten a major update to function a lot more like a standard RSS reader. I have to say I’m highly impressed. They have a lot of work to do to convince me to move from Bloglines but I am very interested so far. I’ll hopefully give a more comprehensive review this weekend.

Philip Reeve has won the 2006 Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize for A Darkling Plain, the fourth and final volume of the Hungry City Chronicles. The Hungry City Chronicles remains to be the best set of books I’ve ever read.

I was very excited to see the first Winterview of Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman. Especially after wandering around Northeastern yesterday and missing Scott McCloud’s talk.

I need to start making a list of PS3 games I want to play so 4 years from now when the PS3 finally a price I’ll pay for it I’ll remember the good games. A White Knight Story (working title) looks awesome (quicktime).

I have a soft spot for “end of the world” stories and one of my most recent favorites is When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth by the one and only Cory Doctorow. The podcast is excellent.

An amazing article about the 2004 elections and how it did not match up with the exit polls which were the most scientific poll in history. ”virtually irrefutable evidence of vote miscount.” The discrepancies, the experts add, ”are consistent with the hypothesis that Kerry would have won Ohio’s electoral votes if Ohio’s official vote counts had accurately reflected voter intent.”

Just saw the amazing film This Film is Not Yet Rated. Here’s a few quick references. This is the kinda of movie you go and see and then tell every one you know. Let me know if you get out to see it!

If you google the name Eric Pasternack you don’t get many results. A blogger account, a SGA forum profile, a link to the Signal article where he become SGA president. Nothing special.

This is a small notice to any one doing a search for Eric Pasternack. Recently he has sued The College of New Jersey for being removed from office. He broke TCNJ policy which is unacceptable for it’s student leaders and should accept the consequences.

This is not the first sign of his despicable and child like behavior. I have been told a story where a liberal student organization was trying to show Out Foxed. They had trouble setting up the equipment and Eric mocked them pointing out his ability to operate the equipment himself. This kind of attack on a fellow students shows how low Eric is willing to go.

Most Students agree as they voice their opinion to TCNJ.

In an age where all the mistakes you make will be well known to any one who want to know them you should make sure they are honest mistakes and not malicious ones that can haunt you later.

He’s agnostic about God the same way he’s agnostic about the existence of fairies.