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Andre Torrez builds an amazing way to add links to your blog with out all that messy automation. I’m hoping this solution works as well for me as I hope it does.

The wordpress Custom Field GUI is great. Not the smooth admin ajax I want but good enough.

Chris Messina has a crazy amount of design element, user flow and interface screen shots in his flickr account.

Aptina has added AIR to it’s plugins. AIR has a huge amount of buzz around it and I honestly am not 100% sure what it can do. Aptina has a great screen cast to not only install the plugin but get started on AIR.

I Had a Car Accident-Now What? File this one under thing I wish I had known.

Wow… suddenly taxes make so much more sense. It’s sad how wrong I was about tax brackets.

Steve jobs and the iphoneWhile Apple is busy “revolutionizing” the cell phone Japan is busy laughing at us. It’s sad that America is so far behind in technology.

I can only imagine how much we would make fun of a country if they started talking about this great invention called Cable TV that will revolutionize TV in their country.

The worst part is if you look at every way America is behind on technology it’s alway because of politics. Cellphones, internet speeds, and music and entertainment industries are all so far behind in America simply because we’ve enacted so many laws to protect those industries.

Why do we let the government coddle these industries?

This podcast on the history of the Byzantine Empire is amazing and that it is available free on the internet speaks well for the future. It focuses on 12 rules and effect on the empire.

The quality is amazing and the depth of information is incredible. For me it is a little dense and could have used a slightly slower pace so I could better absorb the information but other wise this is a college coarse in MP3 format. I feel I deserve credit just for listening to it.

If you have any interest in history or Byzantine, which I have both, you must give this project a listen.

Give it a try: 1 – Introduction (12.8 Meg MP3 13:55)

Nintendo is offering free strap replacement for up to 4 Wii controllers. I heard that they switched out the old strap to the new strap very quickly but this level of customer service almost unprecedented.

Dreamhost is now offering 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations free hosting forever. Not a bad deal.

Electronic voting machines are very much broken (video). If this is fixed it will be a great leap for consumes vs proprietary software. If it’s not fix it’s only the end of our democracy.

Britain is considering extending its copyright term for recordings from 50 years to 95 years. How this counts as harmonizing with the USA’s 75 years is beyond me. Copyright needs to be cut way back.

Jeremy Keith has to be at the forefront of bringing tons of meta data together in context. He’s been an inspiration for a lot of what I have going on in my sidebar. I think we both secretly do it cause we like the idea of our website updating itself.

Kathy Sierra is talking about presentations and technical books but they can easily be applied to novel writing. Good to keep in mind for NaNoWriMo.

It’s really amazing how video is playing a bigger and bigger role online. I can already image a world where people get a good portion of their entertainment from online productions.

The Show with ZeFrank is currently a big online hit and if you don’t at least know about it you should take a look at the video below so you know what going on.