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IE7 has finally been pushed out. Go download it now or wait for you’re auto update to download it for you. It was release about 5pm today and the IE team have already announced they have started working on IE8.

Guy Kawasaki interviews a bunch of young people about technology habits. I felt really young watching this as all the answers seemed fairly obvious. I’m always surprised at how misinterpreted some of the answers get. P.S. The Veotag video player is really cool.

John Resig stopped by Refresh Boston and gave a jQuery demo. It turns out its amazing but it has a flaw.

While it’s super short and easy to use it also has full CSS 3 support which means any CSS selector on this list can be used.

CSS 3 selectors? No browser even does that! I know I’m not supposed to use Javascript to style html elements but the draw of CSS 3 selectors is almost too strong to resist.

I only hope I’m strong enough to resist.

John Stewart will continue to deny it but this study say The Daily Show covers as much news as other news programs. While The Daily Show adds comedy with their news, other news programs add “fluff like polls, political endorsements and photo opportunities”.

National Novel Writing Month is approaching and their web site is gearing up for the season. Check out NaNoWriMo’s new blog to keep up on news. Last year I failed with barley 9k words. This year I’m going all the way!

Kevin Airgid’s book Web Designers Success Guide is now a free PDF. Download this while you still can for some of the best practical advice on going freelance without falling on your face. Not an ebook fan? You can still buy the book from Lulu for only $25. I did and I was not sorry. cheers.

An amazing article about the 2004 elections and how it did not match up with the exit polls which were the most scientific poll in history. ”virtually irrefutable evidence of vote miscount.” The discrepancies, the experts add, ”are consistent with the hypothesis that Kerry would have won Ohio’s electoral votes if Ohio’s official vote counts had accurately reflected voter intent.”

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists have a cool news section of their site that they often update with not only news but commentary as well. Yes that’s right they have a make shift blog but with no frills. And that means no RSS feed.

No RSS feed? I’m supposed to visit the web site? forget that! I’ve gone through the trouble to make an RSS feed for them:

Ted Leo RSS Feed

I love screencasts and they seem to be picking up steam. This a great screencast on how to make a wordpress plugin.

Mat Weddle of Obadiah Parker does an amazing cover of Outkast’s “Hey Ya”.

Will Ferrell seems to have realised that his string of successful movies are about to pigeon hole him. Stranger then Fiction look like it might fix that with some good writing and a captivating plot. This movie looks good with or without star power and since Will is in it there seems to be enough money in this movie to bring a lot of other stars on board.

I’ve often had people ask me for good books for an intro to graphic design. I’ve never had an answer until now. About Design has a great round up of books that will help teach the basics.

Today’s MoBuzzTv provided an awesome start to any one who wants to delve deeper in the current war between Israel and Lebanon.

Pandora is a great music service that does a great job of matching up artists and songs to your tastes. Pandora claims to have hundreds categories it calls “genes” in it’s Music Gnome Project.

These genes are a great way to delve deeper in to your own music tastes then you ever have before. Pandora keeps these categories under lock and key though and only shows a few of them for each song.

Though there are probably categories they never show it would great if there was place that showed all the categories they did show to the public.

With that wish I launch the Open Source Music Genome Project. A project that will hopefully blossom into an awesome resource to people who want to better understand the music they are listening to.

Please visit the Open Source Music Genome Project wiki and help organize, add to, and develop a full list of categories and descriptions.

Below is what I have collected so far from Pandora. A small drop in the bucket of the hundreds of categories Pandora have behind the scenes.

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Oh how I love social networking. I’m glad this isn’t my buddy list.