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Grep is confusing enough and does not need to be even harder to use. SVN files are almost always not wanted in a search and just make finding what you want even harder. Luckily you can set a default option.

First jump in to the .bashrc file in your home directory.

nano ~/.bashrc

Then add the options for grep in that file:


Now save and exit the file. Before it will work you need to either restart the session or enter this in the console:

source ~/.bashrc

Wave goodbye to all those pesky svn file.

The epicenter of the modern Avatar world is Republic City, a metropolis fueled by steampunk technology. It is a virtual melting pot where benders and non-benders from all nations live and thrive. – AvatarSpirit

I seems rumors have been floating around for months and I’ve missed them because I don’t hang out in forums much.

If you’re getting the above error immediately after clicking mount it seems to be because you are using OSX 10.6. There’s not a ton of good documentation but this is what seems to work.

Right click on the app and select “Show package contents”. Navigate to Contents/PlugIns/sshfs.mfplugin/Contents/Resources/ and delete or rename the file.

It should now magically work.

Jimmy Fallon has some great stuff going on. I’d kill for that doll.

Bespin updated and they seem pretty excited with the project. I was excited with Bespin when I first heard about it but it has yet to really solve the problem I was hoping they would tackle. I really wanted a TinyMCE or FCKeditor replacement where I can just drop some JS files in my webroot and then plug Bespin in to textareas on forms. There has been a ticket to do that for a while and it seems like they have written it but didn’t seem to make it out this build.

Bespin is still young and has a lot of growing to do. Right now their focus is on developer tools and making Bespin very customizable. I’m sure this will give Bespin a solid foundation to move forward with.

I hope that they shift their focus from education developers how to customize to educating people who make webpages how to easily get Bespin up and running and why they would want to. Some easy things to do would be to offer a download of just the needed scripts to run and not a tar ball with python generators. Or even have a big download button instead of a small link that leads to a server generated index of files.

I always think jQuery is a great place to look. They put a lot of focus educating people how easy it is to use but also build what seems like a strong community of developers. Bespin is awesome and I think I just needs to better focus it’s marketing message.

Awesome new mini-series with some of my favorite actors. sadly no rss feed.

go see all the madness at mmo-champion!

Update: they took it all down. so the images are dead.
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One of the things that really gets me about racism is when people complain about the the stuff that doesn’t matter. Here’s two version of a poster for “Couples Retreat”. Your supposed to supposed to be offended by the UK version that has edited out the black couple.

Guess what? If you want to be angry at racism then you should be pissed at the US poster as well as the whole movie. I agree with the movie Studio. They edited out the more minor characters and put the more famous people up front. I’m supposed to feel better about the US poster with the tiny black couple in the background? I’m supposed to feel better about a movie industry that does not give leading roles to blacks unless it’s a film for blacks?

This is just an instance where people see their own biases and become uncomfortable. I’m not singling this movie out. I’ve not seen it and I hear it’s fairly good. But in an industry where blacks are marginalized don’t get pissed if the poster reflects that reality. Instead of adding more black people to posters why not just go see more movies with black people?

Vista was a pain. When I got my new computer with it I had trouble getting the network card to work. Also an attempt to install it on a family member’s “vista ready” totally borked their system and I was up till 4am trying to restore xp. They never upgraded to vista.

But so far Windows 7 is coming up roses. The $50 upgrade I got was a pretty sweat deal and the upgrade was easy. Granted vista and 7 are similar enough that there are no huge architecture changes but the upgrade was super smooth. It asked all the questions in the first 15 minutes and then the upgrade ran with out any hand holding. It took 2 hours. It still did that thing where the progress bar stalls for long periods of time and then races forward. It would have been nice if 7 was more clear that I didn’t need to watch it install, but that might just be the tech geek in me.

I’ve literally only used the OS for 10 minutes but it seems snappy. It also seems to only take about 6-700mb of ram instead of the 8-900mb that vista took up. The task bar seems super slick. I like the idea of pining applications in place in theory but the open programs seem hard to distinguish from the programs that have yet to launch.

I’ll try and keep more notes as I have more first impressions.

Heroes of the Valley’s website has some really cool notes from Jonathan Stroud.

If you have Vista and want to upgrade to Windows 7 then NOW is the time to do it. $50 for Home Premium which is the default version sent out with all Dell PCs.

This is a pretty strong endorsement for Glee

I have this thing I do where I look down at people who can’t handle their umbrella. It’s not that hard to not have it turn inside out. You just point it in to the wind. Come on people!

Today the wind got a little… well lets not make excuses but my umbrella tuned inside out and I broke a streak of that not happening that is I don’t know how old. OLD.

Speaking of streaks people keep track of I have not thrown up in forever either. And haven’t really cried since I saw the last episode of Six Feet Under back in… 2007? I know most people don’t see that as an accomplishment but it’s still something to be noted.

The internet is alive with blogging and I currently feel a little left out.

The more I read about Wintergrasp the more excited I get. It sounds awesome.