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PhoneDog has a great series of videos reviewing the G1. It’s super positive. There are stuff that is not perfect but personally I think people over estimate how perfect the iphone is. You can view more in depth review about the phone here.

more bailout explanations and why McCain’s idea was the worst and the best idea is apparently “socialism”. Ass.

space pirates

Great roundup of HTML 5 features that are just around the corner. Many work in IE7 (or 8 can’t tell) as well.

Kind of in love with the idea behind BandCamp. Going to go all the bands I like to join. Myspace has been my default way to find new music and probably also the reason I don’t find as much as I would like to.

Bandcamp Screencast from Ethan Diamond on Vimeo.

This is like my new favorite video on the internet. I love when sites update their designs. You get too see what they learned by how they direct the user. Every site relaunch should be required by law to make on of these videos. I’m going to bring it up with Senator Ted Stevens.

It’s official I’m totally freaking out about Cell Phone Radiation. I guess that I spend about 16 hours day with a cellphone in my pocket which is probably a solid dose of radiation everyday.

My plan is just take it out and place it on the desk at work and at home. That will easily knock out 10 to 14 hours a day. I could also put it in my backpack when i travel but I really like having my cellphone on silent 24/7 and I need to either hear it vibrate or feel it to make that work.

Well it seems official to me that McCain is not a natural born citizen and is technically not able to be president. In regards to McCain in particular I certainly think he is qualified to run even if he does not meet the current standard. McCain’s lawyers argue that technicality was not ever intended but instead of trusting people to follow the spirit of the law congress did move to fix the problem.

It’s these kind of cracks that should let us reevaluate if our standards are correct. I certainly think we could have a much more broadly defined qualification with out much change. That a citizen who identifies with America far more then any other nationality might be sufficient if extremely hard to test for. For the most part I think the election process is enough the rule out anyone who is not viscerally American.

Oh the future… I hope something good comes out of getting away from lobbyists. (via Tony)

The Submarines – Honeysuckle Weeks is finally avilible on amazon mp3. Why do mp3 albums have different release dates? Why does amazon not let me embed a song? Anyway this is an awesome pop album.

John McCain points out that we tried and hung Japanese war criminals for (among other things) waterboarding. What would the white house say if  video was released of others waterboarding Americas today? What could they possibly say?

The new myspace series Roommates reminds me a lot of Scott Zarkarin’s NoHo Girls which was mildly interesting but over all low on worth while story.

You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to be a Nielsen family. I can’t wait to read about what kind of effect this Hey Nielsen site might have. (their servers seem to be down at the moment. Proof that people want to control what they watch)

Just bought an old xbox game for my xbox 360. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. It was cheep but I forgot to check the list of backwards compatible xbox games which to date only stands at 394 games. Perhaps my fault but still disappointing.

Similarly I was with some friends who just discovered the Wii and were looking to buy one. Why does GameStop have empty Wii boxes behind the counter? They were about to drop over a thousand dollars on Wiis (for family and friends wanted them too) untill they were finally told those boxes we all empty. Kinda ridiculous.

Wikipedia’s Ain’t article. “Ain’t would solve one logical problem of English grammar”