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No End In Sight – The first film of its kind to chronicle the reasons behind Iraq’s descent into guerilla war, warlord rule, criminality and anarchy

Sleazy Tricks Real Estate Agents Often Try

I’m ready for a JavaScript Acceleration Card. Anybody with me?

Word of the Day: Menagerie: is the term for a historical form of keeping wild and exotic animals in human captivity.

It make absolutely no sense that Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer the movie has a PG rating while the video game has a Teen rating. Is the ESRB over protective or is MPAA corrupt? How come I think it’s both?

Are we in the middle of a world wide apartheid? Perhaps not yet but when do countries just become artificial barriers for keeping the rich and poor separate?

Hot 100 women chosen by lesbians. Conclusion… still hot, only in a different way.

I love Jame Kotecki’s critique of politicians’ use of online video. He’s gotten enough fame that he has interviewed several presidential candidates. It’s been disappointing he doesn’t talk to them more about the internet. I can learn about their politics else where.

Quirky Ysabella Brave of YouTube fame got signed to Warner Music’s Cordless Recordings.

Back in 2004 I thought the Movable Type’s admin interface was too complicated. 3 years later Movable Type 4 doesn’t seem any easier.

I think Bloomberg just declared a war on lightning.

Really MTV? Best Summer Movie You Haven’t Seen Yet? I’d love to know how much you had to pay to be on that list… ridiculous.

In case you were running out of people to hate, Mike Adams seems like a good addition to the list.

Movable Type 4 goes open source with tons of new features and a new interface. They enforced their license in 2004 right before I started blogging and here I am with a wordpress blog. Can MT4 regain the glory days before MT3?

It’s really been amazing watching the the women’s version of Ninja Warrior, Kunoichi. There seems to be very little info about the show available online but just by watching it you can make some interesting conclusions.

Clearly the woman’s version was an after thought. It was fairly impossible for women to get farther then the first stage because the course was designed for men. The focus was upper body strength and height (with height not really being a skill).

Finally they made a whole course for women to go with their own show. It was one of the most insulting things I had ever seen. The course was fall over easy and seemed to focus mainly on balance and luck (with luck not really being a skill). Clearly they did not intend to insult women and over time they made improvements.

The latest course on Kunoichi was an amazing celebration of the skill women have with both balance and agility. Rotating balance beams, trampolines, and floating platforms would be challenge for anyone but truly focused on the skills women excel at.

It took several season for the course to evolve in to something respectable. It’s such a shame that we can develop an interesting course for men from the get go but e need to think really hard to get something that is focused on women’s skills with out being insulting. It just show how out of touch with women we really are.