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When did you do your first google search? I wish I knew. As the internet gets older we’re going to look back on it more. Since I send such a crazy amount of time online I look back and try and see where I fit in the history of the web. This great post at Wisdump about the The Ebb and Flow of Social Networking really got me thinking about where I fit in the flow.

I had fun going back and seeing when I joined different services that are significant on the web.

myspace: sept 13, 1994, facebook: November 15, 1994 digg: april 25, 2005, youtube: december 31 2005, friendster: august 2004

A movie I would actually watch: Facebook Off: A movie trailer from the creators of Face/Off and Facebook. (via Zach Klein)

Why can’t television do college? I’d love to know the answer to that. Keri often complains there really isn’t even a book market for books about college life. I’m starting to think an hour long drama from HBO or Showtime is needed to properly cover the complicated narrative that could evolve with so many students interacting with each other.

Kottke updated his links on his front page but only shows a random sampling of the whole list. Being the Warren Buffet rss subscriptions Kottke has doomed me to constantly refreshing his page in hopes of finding all the hidden ingredients of his website. How else will I find good rss feeds to invest my time in? (I’m loving this analogy!)

Where is the love Jason? Let us see all your links!

Stop telling me dented soda cans will give me Botulism. It’s not going to happen:

In the United States an average of 110 cases of botulism are reported each year. Of these, approximately 25% are foodborne, 72% are infant botulism, and 3% are wound botulism. Outbreaks of foodborne botulism involving two or more persons occur during most years and usually are caused by eating contaminated home-canned foods. – (Via Wikipedia)

110 cases? 72% infants? That’s only like 27 adults. Or 1 out of every 11 million people (approx.)

It’s always amusing seeing a company implode on it self.

Medina had been accused of misappropriating company funds to pay for liposuction and escort services, among other things. After he was fired, Medina reportedly deleted some passwords and kept others at RegisterFly from accessing billing records.

FitFlops use micro-wobbleboard for a workout-enhancing effect that help you keep in trim. Crazy.

Very nicely design wedding favor.

Finally! With Apples DRM-Free music given a ferm release date of ‘may’ the day has finally come! Ars Technica announces that iTunes should have it’s music up tomorrow, May 29th. I’m suddenly going to be very aware which of my favorite artists are signed to EMI and which are not.

Someone still loves you Boris Yeltsin (RIP)

How did I miss that a 5 book Tek Jansen comic is coming out?

It’s so weird seeing Degrassi characters in other shows.

Yahoo offers unlimited email storage. I’m at 44% in my gmail account. When it fills up, which will happen, I’m switching.

Netflix vacation policy: take as much as you’d like. Just make sure your work is done. Just more reasons why I will never give blockbuster another dollar. I enjoy using companies that have good corporate policy. (via Kottke)

“Nothing good came out of the 80s”

Phil Torrone

My god I hate the 80s.