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Only a few months after Youtube buys Twitch they start locking the site down. 3 years of past videos will be deleted and all “copyrighted” music will be muted. Most music on Twitch is copyrighted as is the game play.

I love Diablo and FNL. Man I need to write about TV more.

I’m totally in love with not only the idea but the execution. Amazing.



This is better then you think it will be.

If youre insterested in the news but are too lazy to read anything other then link agregators then TPMtv is an amazing resorce. Thier day of news in a 100 seconds is the best news cast in the world.

This Best Of… 2008 Presidential Primaries is pretty amazing as well.

too funny.

Tired of our horrible voting system? Well this video shows that every voting system is broken in some way. It’s a great overview of all of the best known voting systems.

This video makes me seem lamer then I remember being. Perhaps I can be happy for high self esteem?

This is a direction Gray’s Anatomy could have taken.

MAN is an amazing short film about two sisters that is not afraid to avoid dialog and let the silence of real life seep in. Sadly it can’t be embedded.

As time goes on we’ll get to look even more in to how the media’s coverage of Hillary was sexist. Hopefully it can be researched enough that it might be better next time around. While I do think sexism was a problem and was horrified by the things many people said I don’t think sexism was “the reason” she lost. This is a great overview of things you might not have even knew went on during the election.