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here’s a great example.

I totally watched this when I was little. Fuck you people with cable. The real action was on network TV. Sadly unlike Duck Tales and Tiny Toons this show does not hold up as well. Who thought up this show? I think it could do with a nice reboot. I can’t decide if I want this on my wishlist or not. (via i09)

123456 Pokemon. Who you going to vote for? Barack Obama!

I might as well buy my tickets for Sunshine Cleaning now. From the producers of Little Miss Sunshine with the decemberists in the trailer starting amy adams.

It’s been a while since there has been an amazing talk at google. This is one of them.

This really explains personality types a lot. You can take the test here. Here are my results:

Past-negative 2.70
Past-positive 2.78
Present-hedonistic 2.53
Present-fatalistic 1.44
Future 3.77

This is a graph with the 50% mark being “average” and the red dots being an “ideal time perspective” and the green being my scores. Clearly they think I should enjoy my past more (Past Positive) and live more in the moment (Present Hedonism). I’m mostly future oriented but you can tell I’m still below the “ideal”. Which I think rings true since I am very good at thinking about the future but not as good as I wish I was at enacting the plans to get to that future. Here’s more info on the perspective types.

This is really well done

In case you too are searching for Michel Cera and Kat Dennings interviews. Many are bad because they were at press junkets and half alseep since press junkets are ass boring. This one is good:

Update: This interview is also at the junket but it was great to hear Kat mention The Thin Man as “not one of the comparisons they were sick of”, clearly referencing the many Juno comparisons. Hilarious (and I agree with Kat).

Abortion is a complex issue and easy for both sides to get caught up in the fight over what god wants, when life starts, or if women should have agency over their bodies. Because of these complexities so much of the debate is more of a well choreographed chess match. If you open with one argument I come back with an equally caned argument.

Which is why I’ve slowly been reading more and more about the punishment from pro-choice activists. It seems those who want to make it illegal have never thought about the punishment. This video interviews many protesters and almost all have never once thought about what the punishment should be. It interesting to hear people talk about murder yet do not want a punishment harsher then a stern talking to from the government. Very much a government as father figure sort of view.

I don’t know how long this will last though before the anti-choice get their story straight. It would be hard to come up with something that I think even most anti-choice people would agree on. If you say the punishment should be “a small fine” then that seems to be out of sync with murder. But is does seem that most anti-choice protesters are not comfortable with punishments equivalent with murder.

More academics need to have a sense of humor like this.

You know it’s bad when Obama and McCain agree.

James Kotecki suggests we use government funds to bail out canceled TV shows like Freaks and Geeks and Arrested Development. I couldn’t agree more.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… you should be watching the Middleman

Cooler then I would have thought.

Watching people play video games can be pretty amusing. It’s cool to see people’s personalities to come out and all the funny quirks they have.