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Yeay for armature campaign videos. (via waxy)

if anyone ever goes to Florida they must get the Rock Shrimp at the Dixie Crossroads. Best food ever.

I’ve not really gotten in to NPSH but the below video is kinda of crazy awesome. The think I want to know for sure is if that’s really a Degrassi reference in the begging. I can’t think of any other J.T. that were killed.

natalie portman’s shaved head – sophisticated side ponytail from thatgo on Vimeo.

Change can always be scary and I think all the The Stack fans are a little worried about their move from Next Networks to an new undisclosed location. They seem confident everything will work out but with out talking about the details it just makes everyone anxious.

I like Olbermann when he is not being a complete troll.

via Feministing

Poised to become an American super start not only is Alicia Sacramone an Olympic Gymnast but she can also punch a dude out cold.

If you missed her last night here is the 2007 Nationals

It’s a little hypnotizing to hear these kids talk about how they tried to solve these math equations. This is a documentary that I would definitely like to see.

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I plan on trying to document my TV viewing more.. mostly cause I’m starting to forget what the hell I’ve been watching.

I’m so happy that Iliza Shlesinger won last comic standing. Women comics have a bad rap and it goes to the core where a lot of comics don’t think women are funny either. Not only has she risen above the fray she won because she was picked on and got to preformed 2 amazing sets while every one else sat in the back room. Poor choice fellas.

also check Iliza out on The Weakly News

P.S. Get a new host LCS. Really.

Your new favorite Youtube channel: mitchmagee

I was planning on going here but I think I’ll go here instead today:

Wow.. this trailer makes me think I would have liked Buffy lot if it was always a cartoon. Cartoons can do absurd campyness a lot better then live action can.

I feel like most people think talks about the geo-political future are really boring but I find them fascinating. How could you not want all of this stuff?

The teaser for the new Disney movie The Princess and the Frog is out but it’s not really getting me very excited even though John Lasseter is in the background somewhere. There is already a lot of controversy around this film as it’s the first black lead in a Disney movie. Is it just me or does the lead just look like a white girl with a medium tan? (via notcot)

Thomas Friedman is a really cheesy speaker. I have not read the world is flat and I thought every one had good things to say but if it’s this cheese and built around these fake dates then I don’t want to read it.