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People often complain Barack does not talk about specifics. Talk about an info rich speech.

These current TV clips are great (below). I’m ready for Sarah Haskins to get a daily show spot.

On the first of 2007 John and Hank Green decided to stop talking to each other via text and alternate days creating Youtube videos instead. A Year and almost 300 videos later a community of 30,000 people formed around their discussion of Harry Potter, Awesome, Nerdfighters (a pro-nerd moniker), and WorldSuck.

Their experiment ended at the end of 2007 but as they wrapped up the idea of sharing a channel and posting a video on alternate days was about to get a refresh. The Five Awesome Girls channel started just before the Green brothers were done. The brain child of Kristina Horner, of The Parselmouths, along with Lauren Fairweather, of The Moaning Myrtles, Five Awesome Girls brings together five girls who each were apart of the community that John and Hank Green built.

Quickly a format was established. The five girls each picked a day of the week to post a video. They didn’t all know each other in real life and so the used the videos as a way to learn about each other. Each video addressed the other girls to directly to ask questions and give challenges. Other habits also came in to the format like says why the day was awesome.

Hardly a month later Five Awesome Girls was such a complete success that other channels popped up fast and furious with the same format. a Five Awesome Guy’s channel popped up in late January and not a week went by in February where a similar channel had also appeared. Everyone was Awesome: Girls, Guys, Gays, Kiwis, Teens, People, and on and on. All with a clear legacy back to what the Green brother’s started and the Five Awesome Girls formalized.

This internet meme has been successful for a number of reasons and I think it’s here to stay and will not wither away. A group channel has several advantages over individual channels.

Multiple members makes it possible to put out more content at a higher level of quality. It also make more avenues of finding subscribers through the members individual channels. More people also makes it more interactive for the people making the videos. And their interactions also makes it easier for the audience to follow along.

You know you’ve hit it big when you have a lot of haters. Just this week the Five Awesome girls’ account was hacked and their videos deleted. YouTube has just restored their account today, four days later. I think this format has a lot more success in the future.

approx # of videos in ( )
January 01, 2007 – vlog brothers (299) – 27,658 Subscribers
December 31, 2007 – Five Awesome Girls (110) – 9,762
January 26, 2008 – five awesome guys (90) – 16,060 Subscribers
February 03, 2008 – 5 awesome gays (64) – 4,853 Subscribers
February 09, 2008 – Five Awesome Kiwis (74) – 1,236 Subscribers
February 14, 2008 – five awsome teens (45) – 71 Subscribers
February 15, 2008 – 5 Awesome People (81) – 51 Subscribers
February 16, 2008 – voltron team (87) – 59 Subscribers
February 18, 2008 – 5AwesomeRvBers (71) – 85 Subscribers
February 21, 2008 – Five Awesome Limeys (17) – 225 Subscribers
February 25, 2008 – five younger girls (60) – 494 Subscribers
February 27, 2008 – five awesome goats (20) – 1,188 Subscribers
April 02, 2008 – 5 Awesome Midwesterners (37) – 159 Subscribers
April 14, 2008 – amazing vlog show (33) – 41 Subscribers
April 14, 2008 – five awesome clones (26) – 169 Subscribers
May 09, 2008 – five awesome Js (16) – 65 Subscribers

A great tiny lecture about sex in video games. Where it’s been and where it will hopefully go. (via alice)

I don’t like weezer’s new song and as soon as I saw an internet meme in the music video I was fully ready to hate the music video. But I think they do enough unique stuff with it to keep it original and interesting. At the very least people need to learn to let these memes go. We were all bord of them by the time they fizzled out in the first place.

“Embedding disabled by request” – fuck you weezer.

Yet another amazing video about how banks create money from nothing and how eventually the entire system will crumble. It’s kind of sad that so many documentaries can expose such fundamental flaws in the world that are never talked about.

And with that the saga of Four Eyed Monsters comes to a close. Episode: nine, ten, eleven, twelve, and thirteen.

I have not read the book but this is the single best speech I’ve seen in I don’t know how long. We are definitely not better off then our parents and grandparents.

More people should attempt to recreate the past. This is a whole new kind of reenactment. I hope civial war reenactors pick this up soon too.

This would have been great if some of it was in Michael Moore file Sicko as it got so much publicity. I’m no expert on medicine but it seem pretty obvious our entire health system is pretty messed up. So it’s no too surprising that birth has the same problems.

It’s even so ingrained that in the book Egalia’s Daughters: A Satire of the Sexes, which tried to reverse all gender stereotypes, the women still had births in a hospital instead of with a midwife.

So sad but I can’t wait.

This is the best explanation of the housing crisis I’ve seen anywhere. Definitely give it a look.

I hate this Meme but this is amusing for many reasons.

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

I love youtube more and more everyday. Julia is really awesome. Come for the covers stay for the original songs. I had a hard time picking one to feature below. Also check out Underdog by Spoon.

Her editing style is also great layering video to get multiple tracks and harmony.

a movie with just the good parts of stomp the yard.