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More edited then the Darth Vader one but still amusing.

Amazing and clearly made with much love and respect.

Vote Barack Obama.

I’m actually excited about this Second Skin documentary. It seems that they do not focus too much on the average player but on the big stories but it will still be interesting to see those stories. should go well with the Get Lamp movie which I’ve also been waiting for.

It’s currently my belief that Ellen Page embodies everything that Rory Gilmore should have been but never was.

I wish I knew about this IKEA event in advance as I live right down the road. I look forward to having an impromptu concert in a store near me.

Need I say major spoilers?

This is a really great project where two talking heads describe each other. It’s amazing how much you learn about a person just from hearing them talk about other people’s appearance. It’s only 7 minutes long but I almost feel this could be made to go on to a long time before I get bored of it. (via everyone seems to be linking this)

I always love it when people stop giving speeches and talking points and just talk like they are a human being. This is a great response to the question, “How do you do it?…How do you keep up beat and so wonderful?”. (via Feministing)

via Glass

Definitely one of the coolest thing I’ve seen done with the Wii Remote.

hard to tell but it has promise.