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Only a few months after Youtube buys Twitch they start locking the site down. 3 years of past videos will be deleted and all “copyrighted” music will be muted. Most music on Twitch is copyrighted as is the game play.

Ever wonder what format your JPG was saved in? Well wonder no more. Just open the JPG up in any text editor and do a search for the hex code ffda.

  1. 0 results: this image will load all at once when it is done loading
  2. 1 result: this image will slowly load from top to bottom in full resolution. this is called baseline.
  3. 2 or more results: this image will draw multiple passes of the image in better and better resolution. this is called progressive.

Error 501 (net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE): Unknown error is an error you get in chrome when you view a page with an iframe that loads a HTTPS page with an invalid SSL certificate. If you find HTTPS page on the same domain that is not in an iframe you will get the standard red page saying the site is unsafe. If you click procceed the page will load as normal. You can now go back to the page with the iframe and browse normally.

If you are not a developer or are not sure why the SSL certificate is invalid then DO NOT CLICK the button to procceed.

I’m a big fan of Donald and I’d love to see him get Spiderman (as well as some side campains) but america is still so bad at talking about race that there is an odd dialog going on.

The big question seems to be “why go black?” and “does it make a difference?“. These questions seem to just be a failure of imagination to me. It’s as if people are expecting the exact same movie with just a black lead. And to me that would be a tragedy.

Race matters and should have an effect on the story. Different cultures have different perspectives and viewing those through a prism of a well known tale is a great way to talk about those experiences. This is even more interesting as comics have oftain been a haven of white only characters and have made grave missteps trying to represent other cultures. Hollywood is obviously not the kindest to other cultures but still comes off as worldly compared to comic books.

I hope Donald gets the role and I hope it had a meaningful impact on the story. I hope it’s a success and has broader impact on comics and how we view races other then whites as lead roles.

John Hodgeman versus Patton Oswalt in a Science Fiction Trivia Challenge. I only wish this was longer.

I only wish these inter-industry criticisms that game designer blogs and conferences would break out to be more mainstream:

When you have games industry professionals from large companies arguing that we shouldn’t worry about making a game less enjoyable as long as it generates more revenue – to me that is something to be concerned about.

These are some awesome maps.

This is just a fun question that you used to be able to easily answer on youtube. But it seems some time in Nov 09 it was removed. but while it seems to be gone there still seems to be a way to access the number for the time being.

  1. go here: and replace USERNAME with your username
  2. Search for videoWatchCount

kind of a pain but hopefully that data will stay in the feed. We know google is tracking us all very closely. we might as well have access to that data.

Keri was looking through her email and found this the other day.

From: Stefan Hayden < >
Date: Mon, Nov 15, 2004 at 7:05 PM
Subject: join thefacebook

Stefan Hayden has invited you to join, where
you and Stefan can see each other's friends and many other members
of your college community.

Thefacebook is an online resource that connects you to other people
within your college through courses, organizations, and friends.

Thefacebook is for people who want to see a universal facebook at
their college, and who want to share information with the rest of the

Once you register for Thefacebook, you can browse through everyone's
profiles and even create your own if you'd like.

To register, follow the link below:

in 2007 I complained that the Gmail Contact manager was sadly under powered. Happily it steadily improved and by the time the G1 phone came out it was really robust.

Today they finally spun it out of gmail and it’s now a standalone app. And at this point it’s pretty full featured. You can merge contacts, add tons of meta info, create groups. They’ve added everything I have wanted and now any new feature will just be icing.

The only complaint I do have is more about the G1 which currently has no built in use for the groups feature and I wish it did as it would be a little easier to find things without having to bust out the keyboard to search.

Chipotle updates logo. A minor improvement.

It seems the Urban Dictionary has names in it for seemingly no good reason: Stefan

When it comes to the AIG bonuses I have to agree with Seth Godin.

They always have such nice interviews.

Obama’s First 100 hours