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Housing prices dropped 25.3% between March 2006 and October 2008. Now David Crowe of the National Association of Home Builders says 2009 will bring a 29% drop!

News of Zoe Deschanel and Ben Gibbard getting married have hit the hipster world pretty hard:

y’know which bands really suck? Postal Service and Deathcab. they both suck a lot. like: a lot. they are worse than a million children crying. Barack was full of shit. hope is dead.

ironically i cannot listen to either one in my bummed out state BECAUSE THEY WILL MAKE ME MORE BUMMED OUT NOW. wtf.

Something about this song is just charming.

ING finally seems to have tons of free ATMS.

The Princess Unicorn site is pretty nice. The shirts are totally worth it.

If youre insterested in the news but are too lazy to read anything other then link agregators then TPMtv is an amazing resorce. Thier day of news in a 100 seconds is the best news cast in the world.

This Best Of… 2008 Presidential Primaries is pretty amazing as well.

This is am amazing article that looks at gay marriage from the point of view of creating a database. This is definitely the most refreshing and interesting look in to marriage in general I have seen in a while.

In lue of real information about The Office spinoff, that I think is no longer an Office spinoff, Aziz justs starts giving out fake information. I don’t do well with McDonalds metaphors.

Arrested Development film seems to be happening. I hope it goes well. Not sure who the target audience is for this. Besides the people who watched the TV show.

And just to be clear. Yes. No. WTF were they thinking?

The fact that online (and especially youtube) interest in Harry Potter seems to cross over with Twilight alot is pretty frusterating. Though as time goes on more and more “fans” seem to becoming at least down on the side of “awesomely bad”.  Over at i09 they have a very good take down of why the movie is a faithful adaptation of a poorly written book. Hint: it’s mostly weak characterization.

Perhaps you have heard that Obama’s FCC transition co-chair is a WoW player. This is his character and here is some thought in to what his play style says about him as a person.

It’s amazing how many ways people can screw up voting. I’m not sure how they ever passed a standarised test either.

First off why youtube does not let you subscribe to any channel is beyond me. Second off finding out how to do this was much harder then it should have been.

All you need to do to subscribe to any channel is to change the username at the end of the above url. Let me know if you have any problems or questions.

So back in July Apple came out with an iPhone commercial with The Submarines and Keri and I freaked out as we were in love with them. We had just seen them in nyc a month before and I had been listening to the new album almost non stop since Amazon let me download it.

Not long after that we saw them in concert again (opening for Aimee Mann) and got to talk to Blake (John was hiding in the back) about the iPhone commercial. Blake was super excited and we mentioned it was sad it was just the instrumentals. Blake pointed out that the lyrics didn’t really lend it self to selling phones.

Fast forward to now and You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie has basically become the theme song for the iPhone as it’s been in several more commercials. The big news is that now Apple shows off the Shazam app by having it detect the song in the commercial and bring you to the The Submarines iTunes page. So congrats to Blake and John. Come back to NYC soon.