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Flash is super hard and there really are not enough good tutorials out there. Kongregate has released some awesome flash tutorials on making a side scrolling shooter. They assume you know nothing about flash so it’s a great starting point.

I was in Alen’s blogtv channel and learned about YouTube Reviewed. It’s a new blog but youtube is in desperate need of people to follow all the memes and communities on youtube as it’s exausting to try and keep up on my own.

Just about my favorite band ever The Submarines were in Gossip Girl tonight! So awesome.

But then YPluse said my comment was spammy cause of all the links… ass.

The REAL Real Barack Obama

John Green on Blogtv

10/13: Kristina has a PROBLEM.

123456 Pokemon

MyHope (original song) (I watch this one like once a day)

I might as well buy my tickets for Sunshine Cleaning now. From the producers of Little Miss Sunshine with the decemberists in the trailer starting amy adams.

i will be suspending my pan-handling campaign so as, to focus on thenation economy

(via Planet Money)

Another Frightening Show About the Economy. Yet another great explination of the nuts and bolts of what is currently going on.

It’s been a while since there has been an amazing talk at google. This is one of them.

This really explains personality types a lot. You can take the test here. Here are my results:

Past-negative 2.70
Past-positive 2.78
Present-hedonistic 2.53
Present-fatalistic 1.44
Future 3.77

This is a graph with the 50% mark being “average” and the red dots being an “ideal time perspective” and the green being my scores. Clearly they think I should enjoy my past more (Past Positive) and live more in the moment (Present Hedonism). I’m mostly future oriented but you can tell I’m still below the “ideal”. Which I think rings true since I am very good at thinking about the future but not as good as I wish I was at enacting the plans to get to that future. Here’s more info on the perspective types.

This week on You Look Nice Today they do a nice bit on 90210 and even manage not to tear the show apart like so many others.

confused about the bailout? Didn’t read the 110 page document released this Sunday? Here’s a great break down of what we are getting our selves into. It seems better then the original 1 page document that simply had the phrase “money please” on it.

List of cognitive biases

Holy Shit! TCNJ‘s SFB just aproved CUB‘s $125,000 bid for Rihanna. I know they uped the Student Activies Fund but that’s a lot of money. For reference four years ago when I put on my concert for TCNJ it was around $40,000 which was big money in the day but too little to get an artist anyone wanted to see (I had Kevin Little (who? exactly.)).

Even back then there were talks about getting rid of the concert completly since we did not have the money to fund a real one. Clearly there is a new effort to get the job done and it looks like it will suceed.

I’m not a big fan of NPR and This American Life. I find them over produced and oftain about fluff that I don’t care about. Recently they had an episode about the morgage crisis call The Giant Pool of Money that actually worked for thier over produced ways. If you want to know about this mess of money it’s a great hour long show to listen to.

What it costs to sack a worker after 20 years. Spoiler: nothing. Unless you are in some other wealthy country like Zimbabwe.

Somehow I missed that you can now submit your own stories to buzzfeed. Squee!