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More and more I find it fascinating how world views can keep your from talking about something in a way that makes sense. It can be so hard to see through your own biases.

Republicans have no good language for discussing recent events. They’re not allowed to say anything that sounds like “showing sympathy for Wall Street,” so they have to find someone else to show sympathy for but they can’t turn to traditional Democratic rhetoric about how an unregulated capitalist economy is failing us.

From Cringely on the difference betten leadership and management:

Most start-ups are fractal in their nature, especially those that have exciting visions and get everyone on the same page with collective purpose, goals, and objectives. Most investors, however, are bought into the conventional org chart; when the company devolves into top-down, the turnover begins. 

Sadly my new email does not seem to support POP3 mail forwarding so while gmail will let me email from that address I’ll never check for replies.

new offshore drilling

(via ecogeek)

Dev has started a mixtape blog which I fully intend to contribute to. Describing his music taste as eclectic would be an understatement. I look forward to the musical adventures he finds.

I subscribed to 43 Folders what seems like years ago and then got tired of the post volume about ways to organize my organizers. But it seems like the site is making a come back.

This is now a site for people who want to finish things that they care about — but who still occasionally need help, inspiration, and the courage to push all the bullshit off their work table. This is about clearing that space every day, and then using it to do cool stuff that makes you proud.

One of the best things about blogs is how they have a life span. People blog for a reason and over time reasons change and priorities shift. It’s sad when blogs lose focus but the best blogs know how to take a rest and then relaunch with new focus and new ideas. Welcome back Merlin.

List of indie pop artists. This basically makes finding new music in to a job. Time to make the doughnuts. (via keri)

Songs that make you feel better (via asp)

Flugpo got some awesome coverage on some canadia news paper which then got alot of coverage on digg. The general scope of the article was that Craigslist is a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Of course Sara Palin has a Blog. Though for some reason she has not linked it to her youtube account or her twitter account.

SugarLoot’s redesign was launched the other day. Wiping out most of the work I have done at Sconex. Most of my code and user interface is still there but the look and feel is very different.

With two solid days of use Google Chrome is now my primary browser with FireFox for development. I miss the extentions but I can live with out them for now.

Currently enjoying the idea of a print and play boardgame: Zombie in My Pocket

Goolsbee on education and wages (page 4):

Goolsbee pauses, then says: “That’s why the last eight years’ degradation of the budgets for science and its general politicization are so upsetting. The government’s commitment to investment in advanced training of our own people has plummeted, so now something like two-thirds of those gaining science and engineering PhDs here aren’t U.S. citizens. For many years America led globally in the percentage of 25-year-olds with college degrees. Now the U.S. is 31 in the world–right behind Bulgaria and right above Costa Rica. The problem for countries with skill levels between Bulgaria and Costa Rica is that 20 years from now they’ll also have income levels between those countries.”

Toby Keith says he is a democrate and praises Barack Obama. What alternate world am I living in? He’s still a deuche but maybe I’ll stop fastfowarding when he is on the Colbert Report. Maybe.