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a  great five part series that goes though many of the innovations in graphics. Definitely subscribing to this channel.

Only a few months after Youtube buys Twitch they start locking the site down.¬†3 years of past videos will be deleted and all “copyrighted” music will be muted. Most music on Twitch is copyrighted as is the game play.

The biggest news from a youtube creator since annoying orange got it’s own tv show. Meghan Camarena of Strawburry17 and Joey formerly of WinterSpringPro and now his personal channel JoeyGraceffa are going to be on The Amazing Race. And what a great team they will be (or were as the show has already been filmed).

While exciting news for the youtube community who hunger for broader recognition and validation no one is surprised that these two have made such a deal. Both Meghan and Joey are growing stars with a lot of energy and know for their hustle and hard work to make ends meet on youtube Increasingly with low CPM ad impressions and views harder to get as youtube redesigns for bigger partners burgeoning stars have to find more and more way to bring in extra money.

What might have attracted The Amazing Race to these two untested stars?

First Joey and Meghan have almost half a million subscribers combined. Of those Meghan gets on average 20-30k views and Joey between 60-100k view. Of those views I would guess they are in the 13-17 age range and mostly female. This demo, while hard to track on Nielsen, would be an attractive audience for the CBS show to bring in. While holding stead at about 10 million viewers The Amazing Race will need to continue to find new audiences to keep their numbers up on a network where many shows are doing well.

Second Joey and Meghan are naturals in front of the camera practicing talking to a camera for years. Few people get this training and few contests have a proven body of work to demonstrate how they will be on the show.

The benefit is not all on Amazing Race’s side though. Look for Meghan and Joey to take full advantage of being in front of 10 million viewers weekly. I expect to see some interesting weekly online content and live interaction as the show airs building new viewership for their channels as well as the show’s.

As blastmedia has discovered Youtube is experimenting with the google plus button in place of thumbs up and thumbs down. Currently it doesn’t tie in with the rating system that google has in place and so for people who see the Google Plus button they are bard from giving a thumbs up without using the google api or switching browsers.

I can’t say I’m a fan. Like and Dislikes used to not be public let alone show in organic search results. If this feature is adopted every +1 has the potential to apear in search results. Ug.

Youtube originally did 5 stars but most people just voted 1 or 5 stars. So we got thumbs up or down. Now with Plus we loose anyway of providing negative feedback.

There are many reasons to no have negative feed back. All of them have to do with one group of users mas down voting content either for their own advantage or to discourage other groups of visitors. Youtube does not have this issue. There is no way to mass effect video ranking on youtube by disliking a video outside of botting. Wich to be fair @thewillofdc points out that Google has been lax in fighting botting as of late.

Some will say that letting people do a negative action on a site is never good and I would strongly disagree with them. Currently the down vote remains one of the more civil way on youtube to voice that you did not like a video. A great example of a valid use case is the Rick Perry Strong video which has a near 99% dislikes and for good reasons.

Negative comments remain much more damaging then down votes. Youtube is known, for good reason, as some of the most vile comments on the web. I can only imagine that letting people voice their dislike with a simple action stop even more horrible comments.

Please youtube. Add Google Plus as an option to the page. But leave the current ratings system in place. Both can coexist and content producers will definitely encourage users to +1 as it will clear help in google ranking.