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Movie Review: Doubt

We went to the $4 movie theater (okay 4.75) to see Synecdoche, New York but the projector was broken so we saw Doubt instead. I swear Philip Seymour Hoffman is the only reason that movie theater is even open. They should name movie theaters after him.

Doubt was good. The plot wasn’t anything amazing but the dialog and acting were so good I didn’t really need much of a plot. A lot of my favorite movie don’t have more then three scenes. While I think all three stars were great I was especially impressed by Viola Davis who knocked her scene out of the park.

I definitely like Amy Adams more and more each movie. At least the ones I see. I need to go see Sunshine Cleaning (from the producers who like the word Sunshine). I don’t see how you can go from these great indie movies to movies like Underdog or Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian. But I guess that’s why Philip Seymour Hoffman does 12 movies a year.

I have not seen a lot of Meryl Streep movies. This one and The Devil Wears Prada are pretty much the only ones. I need to see Mamma Mia! or something though as I’ve yet to see her play a non evil role.

News of Zoe Deschanel and Ben Gibbard getting married have hit the hipster world pretty hard:

y’know which bands really suck? Postal Service and Deathcab. they both suck a lot. like: a lot. they are worse than a million children crying. Barack was full of shit. hope is dead.

ironically i cannot listen to either one in my bummed out state BECAUSE THEY WILL MAKE ME MORE BUMMED OUT NOW. wtf.

Fa La Freezing

Something about this song is just charming.

The more I read about Wintergrasp the more excited I get. It sounds awesome.

Took me two years to find it but go to your nearest ssh app and do a quick “vimtutor“. It’s the best tutorial I have found because you learn by doing not by reading and memorizing.

ING finally seems to have tons of free ATMS.

The Princess Unicorn site is pretty nice. The shirts are totally worth it.

Talking Points Memo TV

If youre insterested in the news but are too lazy to read anything other then link agregators then TPMtv is an amazing resorce. Thier day of news in a 100 seconds is the best news cast in the world.

This Best Of… 2008 Presidential Primaries is pretty amazing as well.

Getting a G1 Phone: Part 2

To review we got G1 phones at walmart and were told they would work in 4 hours. That did not happen.

So te next day we truck on over to the T-mobile kiosk where hopfully they know what they are doing. They are clearly annoyed we went to walmart.

So it seems walmart make 2 key mistakes. We wanted to transfer our old numbers from verizon, which takes “48 hours”, so we needed temporary numbers in the mean time. Thoes numbers were never added. We also, of course, wanetd a data plan. Walmart said we only needed one data plan. I wanted that to be true and so belived it. But of course it is not true, you need 1  data plan for each phone.

Never the less the t-mobile person ended up trying to add a second data plan. I still could not login to my google account on either mine or keri’s phone.

Basicly they told us our account was locked untill our numbers transfered. So we went home to wait till saturday when then 48 hours is up.

Right when I got home I tried to login to my phone and it worked. Keri’s phone still does not. We are getting closer.

This is am amazing article that looks at gay marriage from the point of view of creating a database. This is definitely the most refreshing and interesting look in to marriage in general I have seen in a while.

In lue of real information about The Office spinoff, that I think is no longer an Office spinoff, Aziz justs starts giving out fake information. I don’t do well with McDonalds metaphors.

I Had a Similar Reaction To ANTM This Season

too funny.

Arrested Development film seems to be happening. I hope it goes well. Not sure who the target audience is for this. Besides the people who watched the TV show.

Getting a G1 Phone: Part 1

My god I hope this series does not have many parts.

Keri and I decided to buy our google phones in Walmart for the discount. We knew there could be problems as we are currently with verizon and wanted to transfer our numbers. A lot to handle for walmart employees.

They were nice enough and two hours later we had our phones and were out the door. We were assured that in three to four hours our phones would be working.

Now three to four hours later we have google phones that will not let us sign in. Awesome.

I tried to call several T-mobile help numbers but all said they did not recognise my verizon number. So I guess I’m off to a t-mobile store tommarow. I hope we’re at least in thier data base of customers.

And just to be clear. Yes. No. WTF were they thinking?